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High Wire is the most ridiculous and difficult mission ever created (Archived)bikeblaster16/6 7:53PM
Whats the Difference? PSN (Archived)LotoPhoenixLord11/24 7:05AM
Jumping back into this one (Archived)E BOMB31/8 12:53AM
GTA VCS PS2 Boomshine Blowout Help (Archived)Chindose112/23 1:26AM
Vigilante Missions Not Required for 100%? (Archived)ThJok3r211/12 1:00PM
Finally completed (Archived)donm8718/12/2014
Thinking about playing this again (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
97/99 red balloons. (Archived)loucifer8669/30/2013
Getting a Rhino in 'Conduct Unbecoming' (3rd story-mission) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Hey gamerman57... (spoilers) (Archived)LancetJades (M)55/13/2013
Why do guns fire so fast in drive-bys? (Archived)gamerman5714/25/2013
Smuggling is better than Robbery (Archived)gamerman5794/22/2013
What exactly are the Sharks supposed to be? (Archived)gamerman5724/22/2013
Hey LancetJades... (spoilers) (Archived)gamerman5733/26/2013
This game is better than the original Vice City (Archived)LancetJades (M)210/10/2012
Know of any 100% completion guides in video format? (Archived)DAMIDDLEFINGER37/23/2012
Moonshine boomshine or whatever (Archived)Copyright201157/4/2012
Worth getting? (Archived)Jackz_Guyz26/25/2012
hunter and tank (Archived)
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Those of you that have achieved 100%, I give you props (Archived)Dr_Kain65/6/2012
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