My opinion of Zeppel... [ENDGAME SPOILERS]

#1TahrbowPosted 10/19/2012 12:24:05 PM
OK, so I had anticipated that Zeppel would be your typical kind-hearted mentor type, the teacher with whom you would best bond throughout this game.

My prediction was total utter phail. I guess I gotta give credit to the makers of the game, he didn't turn out as I had assumed. Instead, he's just a total damn coward.

I acutally liked Isolde more than he did. At least Isolde followed her heart no matter what the cost, even if she was a twit.

Yeah, the Vice Principal pwnt everyone as far as all the teachers went.

I'm starting my second playthrough and the beginning is pretty Zeppel-heavy, which is why I'm venting on here.

Stupid Zeppel. Go pound sand.
#2ErukiaPosted 10/28/2012 12:14:23 PM
My thoughts exactly. I loathed Zeppel after the end. To betray his own students like that...especially poor Vayne...was just unforgivable.



If you play Mana Khemia 2, you'll see that he retains his cowardly persona to a T, even after (somehow) becoming principal of the school.
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