Keeping Tribe from Starving- Need Tips/Cheats for Food~

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I want to sit & relax & play & breed my tribe. Instead, I'm always out of food. I set every adult to plunder the waters until the algae comes, then I pluck the coconut trees bare, then I send every available villager out to gather crops. Unfortunately, I found that the crops regenerate in an ever increasingly long time, so that what started out to be 24 min eventually became more than 500. I did find that the game speed was set too fast, so I know that can be partly remedied by adjusting the speed. Still, I don't understand why I'm always looking for food. I had over 1000 food and only 7 people in the tribe and after advancing the game four hours, I had no food left, no way to get any, and they all perished. I desperately want a way (cheat, mod, etc.) to fix this problem so I can enjoy my tribe and not have to rush to the end. Does anything like this exist? It's no fun when you can't even keep your tribe fed. I don't see how some people can keep 90 people when I can't even keep 7 alive.


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You need to get rid of the algae. Look under FAQ under puzzles and then Sustainable Fishing. Feeding your tribe is tricky until you solve this puzzle.
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Do this if you don't mind starting over:

1. Set the game speed to normal.
2. For the first four hours of your playing only collect 400 - 500 points of food then have the villager(s) stop.
3. Save your tech points for the dam puzzle (5,000)
4. DO NOT waste 1,500 tech points on coconut trees!
5. Complete the dam puzzle as quickly as possible.
6. If you spot a mushroom, drag a child villager to it. (Before the Sustainable Fishing puzzle never pass up a mushroom, never!)

When you leave, the tribe should be able to live off of the fish in the ocean and the crops until you have about 90,000 tech points for the Sustainable Fishing puzzle.
Note: The villagers always rob the coconut trees bare. When the coconut trees are empty, you will only gain about 30 points worth of coconuts when the crops regenerate.

Island Events involving food gain:
Mysterious Sack: plastic sacks have food in them.
The Huge Coconut: hurl it from the diving rock for +750 food.
For the Birds: Taste the fish for +100 food.
Dense Fog: no decision by you needs to be made.

I hope this helps.
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Island Events involving tech points:

Mysterious sack: a somewhat compromised sack has tech points, it makes villagers sick.
A carefully sealed sack may have tech points in it.

Savage Child: if you chase him away you lose 1,000 tech points.

The Spyglass: give it to the scientists for +3,000 tech points.

The Strange Request: allowing the request results in a loss of 9,000 tech points.
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Another Note:

While you are actively playing, don't have villagers gather food until about 150 food points are left. This will lengthen the amount of time the ocean is not infested with algae.

You need 90,000 tech points for the Sustainable Fishing puzzle. Researching and collecting butterflies, shells, beetles, and stones should be your number 1 priority until the puzzle is complete.
Have you ever been thrown out of non-playable character's house?