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8 years ago#1
I've just built a workshop in the school, but so far all it looks like is a large empty room.

I was hoping the workshop would be a place I could upgrade my tools (watering one square at a time, and not being able to break down stumps and boulders is a real pain) but I can't find anything at all to do in it.

Is there something special I have to do in order to use the workshop?
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8 years ago#2
You can water 9 squares at a time with the basic water pot and you can break down stumps and boulders with the hammer and axe... charge them to purple for watering/tilling etc. 9 squares and 3 purple hits with the axe and hammer break down stumps and boulders.
8 years ago#3
I'm on the second generation. You can't do any of that in the begining of the second generation. Your tools are all rusted and lame. You can only water one square at a time, and you can't break up stumps and boulders
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8 years ago#4
Oh-ho! I didn't know your tools went to crap in the second gen. How lame xD

And I thought it was a forge you needed for upgrading things not a workshop. But as I am not that far I can't really say.
8 years ago#5
You have to buy the forge, kitchen and pharmacy from Yue.
8 years ago#6
You have to buy the crafting stations from Yue. I think she has them on monday. The farm tool recipes are taught on mondays and wednesdays starting at 12 by Barrett.
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8 years ago#7
Well, it could be a forge that you need. Unfortunately, the only options I'm getting are building a library, building a dojo, and building a workshop. The forge might not be unlocked until later, if there is one.

I just assumed the "workshop" would include a forge or something. But like I said, it just looks like some huge, empty room.
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8 years ago#8
Ah, so I have to buy stuff from Yue, then? Thank you all for the help. Guess I'll have to live with these craptastic tools a little longer until I can afford what I need, then
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8 years ago#9
You have to have the workshop first, the forge pharmacy and kitchen get put inside it.
8 years ago#10
What are the requirements for the workshop, forge, pharmacy, & kitchen? Do you need to supply anything (like wood) or just pay for them? Can you get them in any order or can you only get them in a particular sequence?

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