fried L.snapper

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7 years ago#1

how to get fried L.snapper?

7 years ago#2
Fish a Lover Snapper and cook it... The snapper is very rare and can be fished from the pond north of school.
7 years ago#3
* love snapper can be caught during spring only (for information)
7 years ago#4
ooo, you save the day!! i tried one week in a row, and failed to catch it, bcoz now is summer... :), thx for the information...
7 years ago#5
Thanks for the info
Liverpool FC
7 years ago#6
Ive just caught Lover Snapper in Summer
go to Trieste Forest, Sun-Dappled Spot
kill all the monster there, and from the spawn orb go south and go to the left corner of the area facing 45 degree from the south to the left you will eventually can cast fishing pole there
and to be confirmed check out
7 years ago#7
Oh gee, I got the snapper but it requires a cooking skill in the 70s
i'm never gonna finish that quest lol.
7 years ago#8
jokrik is right, and describes the spot well. That is the easiest spot to fish them. Getting your cooking skill high enough to make it is not so easy though. :)
7 years ago#9
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