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#1sunnysideuPosted 12/23/2007 5:44:10 PM
When Lyra finds the children and they steal her away, after the first set of vents is there a trick to swinging across? I know it's probably just timing, but I can't seem to get across, I've gotten to the first one once but am even havng problems getting to that one.
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#2samic28Posted 1/4/2008 5:12:01 PM
what you need to do is swing on the first one, release, then as soon as you released press sloth again to grab on to the next swing. it has worked for me hope it works for you.

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#3lujoopPosted 1/17/2008 2:36:13 PM
Please help- i'm so stuck on the rabbits and hares tag game on the roof top near the beginning of the game, I just can't catch the boy no matter how fast i count he seems to get there instantly. What am I doing wrong?