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User Info: smagusmagu

6 years ago#1
I'm down to 1 opponent left, but I can't attack him at all, no matter what I do. It says I have to wait to until our treaty expires, but I don't have a treaty with them---none of the diplomacy tabs show a treaty of any sort. Anyone know a way around this?

User Info: DaImpaler

6 years ago#2

well i can't say for sure, as i don't have the game, but in CIV 4, but whenever you make a demand and they accept (or vica-versa) and CERTAIN other diplomatic actions give you a PEACE TREATY, which niether of you can break (even from defense packs) and declare war on with each other, they usually last 10 or so turns.

User Info: DavidPre

6 years ago#3
Hi, I've got the same problem. One civ left and a Peace treaty that seems to never end. So I can't break it or do anything but choose another way to win. Seems like a bug in the game.

User Info: rottenbeefjerky

6 years ago#4
I am having the same issue, but it is NOT the last civ. Japan was getting too powerful and conquering too many others, so I went to war with them. After I captured a few cities I made peace, built my army back up, waited for the treaty to expire, went to war, captured a few cities, made peace, built my army back up and have currently been waiting for a LONG time (I've had four golden ages pass by, two of which I started with great people) and I still can't go to war. Is there a way to set how many turns a peace treaty will be? So maybe when I negotiated peace I erroneously set a 100 turn treaty...any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

User Info: kingsbury2000

6 years ago#5
I had this same problem. Build a nuke and nuke one of their cities, it should automatically get them to declare war.

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