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Zoom out fully?

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User Info: taraunderground

6 years ago#1
For some reason I can't fully zoom out to see the map properly, the furthest I can zoom out only allows me to see about 4 of my cities on screen. Is there a setting somewhere to allow me to zoom out further? At the moment its really annoying because I like to get a good overview of the map.

Also, where is the option to not automatically skip to the next unit after you move?

And is there a way to prevent scouts from entering City State's territory when they are exploring?

User Info: dbgager

6 years ago#2
You cannot zoom out further than that..There is no zoom out to see the full map in this game...

User Info: taraunderground

6 years ago#3
urgh! are you serious?
I loved the zoom out to globe view in Civ4, its so hard to get an idea of my empire with it so zoomed in.

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