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To Anyone who still wants to play online. (Looking for people to play with) (Archived)Mad_Rasputin26/25 8:39PM
Reflective Emanation regen times? (Archived)ericwillmurder36/10 10:19AM
What class is best for a hybrid if ranged, melee, and maybe magic? (Archived)Lightborne46/3 5:46PM
Can't learn Grim resilience, help. (Archived)ComfortablySad26/3 4:47PM
Picking Sacred 2 up tomorrow (Archived)k0mwii14/24 11:40PM
starting from scratch over again (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Dordledum154/23 1:01AM
is the online still working (Archived)ryu22453/22 4:35AM
It's been so long... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
behindtheword183/8 11:36AM
Since this game is pretty old and can't believe that i missed it ... (Archived)Mighty_Chickon72/10 1:17PM
Does anyone play online anymore? (Archived)LeonKennedy2871/23 10:54PM
Have I gimped my character? (Archived)ando1985312/20 6:20PM
focus vs lore question (Archived)aldric1612/17 3:01PM
If I follow Oges dryad guide can I...... (Archived)LeonKennedy28512/13 11:10AM
co-op (Archived)di5turbia20111/29 3:01PM
Veteran Advice please (Archived)Vinnie223711/26 10:51PM
been on diablo 3 for months, got this... question! (Archived)despisethesun42311/26 10:05PM
looking for fast way to level up (Archived)Bryan_Skull411/18 3:03PM
Tried Diablo 3, but ended up playing Sacred 2 again (Archived)Dordledum810/28 9:50PM
Hmm, so I have to restart my entire game all over. Anyone have any equips? (Archived)k darkfire210/9 1:45AM
Tips for Octoglamus on Niob - Shadow Dryad Level 105 (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Dakota_Devil119/12 9:29AM
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