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7 years ago#1
I posted this on the PS3 board. I dont have a 360, but hopefully this helps some people..

Combat Arts -
Each character type has 3 different skill trees. To learn/improve the skills under this tree you have many options, but the main one (and the only one for LEARNING these skills) is to find glyphs as you kill monsters or complete quests. Using a glyph when you dont already have the skill will teach you the ability. Note, you must map the ability to a button for it to do anything. Using the glyph for a skill you already know increases the skill to the next level which can do things like decreasing the time it takes for the "art" to regen so you can use it again, increases its duration, damage, etc. It makes the ability stronger.

Skills -
When you level up you get to put points in your attributes, and a set number of skills. If you choose skills that correspond with a particular "skill tree" for that character, it makes all the skills under that tree have a shorter regen time and a slight buff to the power of that ability. It also lets you modify particular arts under that skill tree.

Example: As an inquisitor I have the 3 skill trees called Gruesome Inquisition, Astute Supremacy, and Nefarious Netherworld.

When I level up, putting points into Nefarious Netherworld Mastery increases the power of all the skills under that tree by a small amount, and decreases their regen time so I can use them more often. This also lets me occasionally modify the skills under this tree. For example, you can take the corpse explosion skill, and modify it however you want. Personally, I made it to where the monsters that die from the explosion have a better chance to drop items, the explosion has a bigger radius, and finally does more overall damage.

Combos -
Modifying combo's, the gold buttons and the bottom of your skill tree, allows you to link multiple abilities to one button essentially. Got a particular series of attacks that you use often and you think it works well? Why not map that sequence of attacks to one button!? Now you only have to hit "O" to do multiple attacks.

In my opinion, it seems best to focus on one or trees primarily, similar to that of Diablo 2. Doing this will greatly increase the strength you have over one or two "Aspects" of your character, instead of spreading out all your power over 3 different aspects, which might end up gimping your character in the long run.

When you're level 200, it's better to have 1 or 2 skill trees that are extremely powerful, than to have 3 mediocre ones that don't do enough damage for you.
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7 years ago#2
I've been waiting for someone to post something like this.

7 years ago#3
Im still not really understanding the whole runes system. Is it good or bad to use as many runes for your character as you find them? Like I have used a few runes currently on my Inquisitor but havent used any more to I guess "Level" the combat art because I dont wanna make a mistake before I really understand it.

Also how do you go about modifying the way a skill is like you did with corpse explosion.

Really love this game tho..just trying to understand the arts system a little more.
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7 years ago#4
To modify a particular skill you need to level up the lore and mastery of that skill tree when you level up. Remember how you get to put a point in an attribute, and then you get to spend "Skill" points? Thats where you do it. This occasionally unlocks a point to spend modifying skills under said tree.

This is done by going to your combat arts, highlighting the skill you wanna modify, and pushing the corresponding button. X on the ps3 :)

As far as runes.. You can trade runes in at a runemaster. No point in putting runes into a skill you dont use.. Might as well trade them in for one that you do use.
Currently playing Sacred 2, COD4 (way.. way.. too much) and waiting for UFC 2009.
psn - Arakias
7 years ago#5
Ah I see I should just pump as many runes into my guy as I can then?

and thanks for helping clear all this up.
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7 years ago#6
Don't pump in runes right away. You need to balance it out with your skills that lower recharge time. The higher level the CA, the more powerful it is - but also the longer it takes to recharge. Try to balance it out.
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