multiplayer is over?

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3 years ago#1
Newb here(awaiting forum regulars and elitists to yell use search function noob) with simple question. So I loved champions RTA and recently into gaming now that my son is 18 months and bought this excited to get into it. I read somewhere that the dev was ending the servers a month ago. I feel stupid, but sacred will be here in 2 days, say it isn't so and I can still hack n slash and have a lvl grinding fun time with peeps in multiplayer.
3 years ago#2
Well, the PC servers are shut down. Don't know about consoles as I play offline.

I could use the laugh however, perhaps darkfire or someone kinder natured can check for you. Then again, such a user may not check the board for a day... or 2.
35 Lightnin'
3 years ago#3
You can still use multiplayer as I was doing it about an hour ago, although the carrier imp has been removed as well as the game being removed from xbl market place.
Add me for some coop sometime.
GT : Hebeegeebies
3 years ago#4
Well thats good, but we'll see how long its working. I'll add your GT, and anyone else on here who still plays and would be up for some multiplayer just post a GT for me. Thanks.
3 years ago#5
GT: The Big DB

I don't play that often but if i spot you online Ill play some Sacred
The Big DB
3 years ago#6
Just starting out...

Level 1 Shadow Warrior. .

GT WyckedGryn
3 years ago#7
I'm starting today as well, GT Winfamy
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