Gran Turismo for Boys explained

#1odinoPosted 8/31/2010 7:11:09 PM
This was meant to be a simple version of GT for "kids" or young teens, without any complex money management or super realistic driving that has often caused people to get frustrated at the driving licenses alone.

With the delays and Sony focusing on PS3 and PSP development at this point (especially GT5) this game has been shelved and it might make an appearance in GT5 as a feature.
#2xnamkcorPosted 9/1/2010 11:37:14 AM
I think Shonen Turismo would be fun. Like Jump Ultimate, but racing.
#3robertwarnes91Posted 9/7/2010 7:58:19 AM
While this was nevered intented for a person like me, I would been interested to see what this would have been like if it materialised.

Shame that it didn't.

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#4xnamkcorPosted 9/7/2010 11:07:17 AM
What about Shoujo Turismo?