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8 years ago#1
so im in ch 4 and went back to do the safe- i looked on the faqs- have the right numbers but cannot get the safe open- i guess my hands aren't steady enough for it. Anyways do I really need in the safe?? are there anyways around it? or do i need to keep spending hours trying to get the stupid combo.
8 years ago#2
Remember to start out by spinning the dial a few times. Remember to spin a complete rotation around for the second number.

I can't remember, but I think you need what is in the safe.
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8 years ago#3
Can anyone post a save game file after the safe has been opened?

Or maybe can someone post a video of them unlocking the safe?

Is there a surefire method to make the safe restart (when he says, I have to start over from the beginning)?

I have turned the safe to each number in the combination (L28, R11, L49) and it hasn't worked.

I turn the wiimote to the right for the L numbers and turn the wiimote to the left for the R number.

I go to each number directly (28 -> 11 -> 49), is that the problem? Do I have to rotate the safe more or something?
8 years ago#4
From the FAQ:

"Q: Gah! I can't open this bloody safe! Enough hints. TELL ME.

A: All right, all right. Gently tilt the Wii-mote left and right to turn the
dial. You'll want to tilt the Wii-mote LEFT to the number 28, then RIGHT to
11, then back LEFT to 49. Do this gently as possible so you don't overshoot
your number. I assure you, it's that simple. Patience and a steady, slow
hand is all you need. "

Is that right, or do we need to turn the wiimote in the opposite direction of what we are told to do?
8 years ago#5
Here is from another FAQ:

1. Left until the arrow points to 28.
2. Then right until the arrow points to 11.
3. Then left until the arrow points to 49.

So it looks like left is the first way, right second.

I seem to remember that when I started out, I spun the dial all the way around multiple times to reset the lock, but I don't know if it is necessary.

I don't know if you have to do the extra turn on the second number - sounds like probably not.
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8 years ago#6
I got it to open twice.

First time he said he heard the click to notify me it was open and the locked moved when I tried to get the handle.

Second time I got it.

The actual code is 28R, 11L, 49R with no rotations, go straight to the next number.

This is coded wrong and the game screws you over. Whatever QA company (I worked at one for awhile, its sad no one truly cares about game quality anymore) did this game failed in a major way and needs to be destroyed. This is hard enough for hardcore gamers to do let alone casual gamers. There are many things that could be done to make this easier such as:

Lowering the wiimote turn sensitivity
Once he hears the click, the safe is unlocked period and doesn't relock if the lock moves when you reach for the handle
8 years ago#7
I meant raise the sensitivity. They really need to give us the option to edit our posts here :P

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