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8 years ago#101
I already said I didn't get it. ^_^'
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8 years ago#102
Mission 8 problem where is the exit of the place before the boss for mission 8(Credo is the boss I'm finding)
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8 years ago#103
I've made a calculator to compute ranking points on DMD.

Just select the mission and input values for orbs, time and style points.
You can of course select the bonuses and penalties.

It will show you how much points you will get for that mission, using the famous equation :
(Clear Bonus + Stylish Points) x Clear Time Multiplier x Orbs Found Multiplier x Bonus/Penalty Multipliers x Difficulty Multiplier = Devil Hunter Points

Feel free to make comments and suggestions.
8 years ago#104
Thanks a ton for this guide, must of took a ton of work and time.
whats DMD??
uhhhh.....i am the batman.
8 years ago#106
^Dante Must Die.
8 years ago#107
wow pretty useful...

now i just want help for the secret missions... T_T
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8 years ago#108
Excuse my ignorance because I only got this game like 10 days ago. So I just want to know what do you mean by all Modes=500.

I'm horrible at this game. I usually get D at missions so I was wondering if you can explain how can I use these information briefly.

Thanks a lot!
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7 years ago#109
This guide will really help because I've decided to try(emphasis on try)to get S on all missions on all modes.I'm working on Human difficulty first to get off to an easy start.
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6 years ago#110
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