Is it worth it for a old school fan?

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  3. Is it worth it for a old school fan?
2 years ago#1
I always been a huge fan of the series (have all the games for ps2) an now I'm finally encouraged to go to a DMC for the ps3.
So, I just need some information before buy it, just in case to not disappoint myself.

How is it compared with the 3rd game (since it's the best for me), specially about the combat? Is so fuc...crazy?

Is it the best option when compared to the last installment?

Is it possible jump cancelling and other complex combo techniques?

Is a new game plus with other characters, like the DMC3: Special Edition (you could play a entire new game with the badass Vergil).

Tks in advance
It's very satisfying to see how hard work makes you a better hunter
2 years ago#2
read a couple topics down, theres a post with all your answers friend. short answer :get this game but not the new DmC reboot.
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  3. Is it worth it for a old school fan?

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