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8 years ago#1
Here is a 100% Complete (All S, All Unlocks, All Histories Done, etc, etc)

(This is a different save/link than I posted in the other save game thread)

The file goes in "C:\Documents and Settings\Frank\YOURACCOUNTNAMEHERE\CAPCOM\DEVILMAYCRY4"

...if only they were larger saves I could be getting mad rapidpoints :)
8 years ago#2
dude thats insane. I wont be downloading it but sounds like u got S in DMD and Heaven or Hell and all? I frankly wouldn’t want to share this cuz I'd rather ppl earn it themselves… but if it’s the rapid points u want…
8 years ago#3
You could always just stick in another file with it to push it over the 1 meg limit.

Anyway I doubt you'd be getting that many points from it. Most of the people who come here seem to be interested in getting the stuff themselves. You might have more success spamming it in /v/ or /b/ or something.

If you don't know what that means forget I said anything.
8 years ago#4
PattHpapong: The file is under 3MB so I can't get rapid points. I just thought I would share it so everyone can enjoy it.

Landslyde: 4chan has been up and down all week :(
8 years ago#5
im a little surprised sometimes at how many ppl on gamefaqs (not this board particularly) know/ are from 4chan. i hear stuff like "you, good sir, are full of win" "do i get internets?" "??? profit!" all the time
8 years ago#6
I'm going to borrow it for a second. I want to make a collection of those end-game images and I don't want to have to beat the game on Hell and Hell mode just to get them all.
JBL is Poopy
Hittin' some real highs there, Cena... >_>
8 years ago#7
PattHpapong, those are classic internet meme, and while some of them are from 4chan, a -lot- of them originated elsewhere =P
8 years ago#8
I borrowed it just to see the concept art too. I gave Super Nero a try and wow, he seems really powerful with unlimited exceed and DT.
8 years ago#9
Alright, I got what I wanted. Thanks for posting the save.
JBL is Poopy
Hittin' some real highs there, Cena... >_>
8 years ago#10
Glad everyone is enjoying the save file :)
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