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4 years ago#1
I've been reading up on creating the legendary weapons, and it seems very straightforward (lots and lots of mats). Basically, 2 gifts, a Bloodstone, and a specific exotic.

My question is, does anyone know how to obtain the specific exotic weapon?


Sunrise (Greatsword): Recipe: Gift of Light + Recipe: Gift of Metal + Bloodstone Shard + Dawn of Rage

Juggernaught (Hammer): Gift of Juggernaught(Jeweler) + Gift of Metal(Weaponsmith) + Bloodstone Shard + The Colossus of Rage

Where do you get Dawn of Rage / The Colossus of Rage?

I've seen numerous "of Rage" items on the Trading Post but none of the specific named ones. I assume those are soulbound, but still uncertain how to obtain/create one.

Any suggestions?
4 years ago#2
I'm guessing Mystic Forge or a specific crafting recipe.
4 years ago#3
Yeah, I was wondering if you had to Mystic Forge to get the specific exotic. Or, maybe there is another recipe out there. As of now, I can only make exotics similar to the rares I used to level up Weapon Smithing.

Pretty interesting!
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