Hopefully it comes out soon

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User Info: Babajeni

9 years ago#1
Yay! SOON!
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User Info: RaikouTatsu

9 years ago#2
yeah, no,
Yay, I win.

User Info: clowning

9 years ago#3
2009 at the earliest.
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User Info: Darkstar_Sinada

9 years ago#4
I'm content with GW for quite a while longer, so I'm okay if it takes them a couple more years to release it.

User Info: liberale

9 years ago#5
I hope it comes out in mid-2009. I just bought GW and want to buy a few expansions before GW2.
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User Info: Jackish_Person

9 years ago#6
May 5th...maybe. 2009 i mean.

btw, totally random date, but since there are a lot of releases on that date every year...
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User Info: SBlockah

8 years ago#7
2010 please... o.O

User Info: KoriJ

8 years ago#8
2010? no, no, NO! After reading http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/GW2 i want it NOW!
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User Info: SBlockah

8 years ago#9
Yes I read that. It makes me want GW2 less...much less.... Unless done right...maybe not even if it is....And it won't be.

User Info: KoriJ

8 years ago#10
Is it because their gonna make it like your everyday run of the mill MMO?

Though I want GW2, i'm worried about Kill Stealers. There's nothing worse than kicking a monsters butt and someone swoops in and kills him.
Power Stone 2 FTW!
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