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8 years ago#101

Arguing again?


Something thats still not been adressed in the effort of balance, Weapon spells. Totally unremovable buffs which is awful, since everything else can be removed, why should weapon spells be any different?

Shatter Weapon (15e/2s/45s) (Mesmer, Domination)

Spell. Target foe loses Weapon Spell and takes 40...120...160 damage.

I made it 15e and 2s cast to give it a fair amount of energy pressure and good chance of being interupted, afterall it seems that removing weapon spells would be overpowered anyway (since they've not added a way to do so), so if it were to be done i'd say it would be costly and easy to interupt. Just my little input, and opinion, of course.

8 years ago#102
Hopefully in GW2 they'll have more skills that can shut down rits and their weapons, as well as more skills that can shut down paragons or remove their chants/shouts.

It depends, however, on ANet's desires. Do they want to save the non-core professions for later GW2 installments, or put all professions in GW2 immediately?

If the first, there's probably going to be no PvP balance again, the latter hopefully they can structure something better than the previous.

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8 years ago#103

Well, in my opinion the main reason the balance was better with just Prophecies was because there were less skills to balance. More skills = more exploit oppurtunities and its harder to balance over 1000 skills than it is to balance 300 (numbers correct?). But, its hard to balance things like assassin, i mean its made to 1 combo kill things, that = overpowered so the whole idea of the profession is to be overpowered, bad design choice but i do love the profession myself because it is overpowered in a niche way. Ritualist is a good idea though, atleast theres more than 1 profession that can heal. As for Nightfall professions, I don't even bother, Paragons are so boring and Dervishes are only good at running niche overpowered gimmick builds. It's all bad for the meta but just mainly - Assassin is a bad idea for Gw, instakills are OP and ArenaNet should have realised this, and over 1000 skills = hard to balance.

And theres already Paragon counters, Vocal Minority, Well of Silence, to name just 2. But i dont think they could have a skill to remove a shout, how can you remove a shout? (talking realistically) its not like an enchantment which is a magical buff, its like a morale boost. Just my opinion on shouts, whereas weapon spells are like enchantments for your weapon.

8 years ago#104

Ah man..i just typed a long post and clicked the wrong button and now it's gone..well, i'll just put the important bit:

Chronomancer was a profession in the (now cancelled) Guild Wars: Utopia campaign, that seems like it would be fun to play if it was done well. Also, Core professions in Gw2 only = Win. Added professions have only screwed with the meta as you said.

8 years ago#105
The problem with balancing the new professions, to the extent of my PvP knowledge, is that ANet would add them in, give them no true role to fill, and leave them be, without much though.

I'm hoping each has a solid role in game than in GW1.

Sin: Constant melee DPS or Light tank with teleports
Rit: More of a support role with spirits and weapons and resto
Para: More support and perhaps condition-applying shouts for pressure
Derv: Light tank or melee DPS in cloth armor to make it so they have to know when to apply the right enchants.

Derv is still half-assed, but that's what I'm hoping for.
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8 years ago#106
I'm not sure if I'm beating on a dead horse or not, but here are two of my ideas.

“Go All Out!”

All party members within earshot attack 25% faster and have +25% chance to deal critical hits for 5…10 seconds. After the shout ends, all party members affected are weakened for 10 seconds.

Divine Favor

You lose half of your current health. All other party members are healed for the lost amount. (50% failure chance with 6 or less Divine Favor.)
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