Great Idea for GW2 (seriously)

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8 years ago#1
Ok in Guild Wars 2 Arena Net should add basically one new thing that they may not have thought of. They should make it where like in factions how guilds/alliance own towns but this time make it where other guilds and alliances can siege the town with either just the alliance or with some help from a few people. I mean its like raiding from WoW and guild towns from AoC.

Who all thinks this is a good idea?
8 years ago#2
i'd say you don't know what raiding in wow is

it's also an amazing way to ensure people don't play the game.

how often did who controlled the elite areas change in fractions age?
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8 years ago#3
Thanks toast for your input. I will be one of the people to actually take it into account seeing as how 9/10 people ingame actually liked the idea...
8 years ago#4
What would be the point of this? There are already various avenues for PvP and what you're describing sounds exactly like a GvG, only with more people, which is dumb.

Also how many people did you survey in-game?
8 years ago#5
because 9/10 people don't actually think what it means.

as i said, how often did which alliance controlled the 2 elites change?
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8 years ago#6
9/10 people?

Were they like you? 14 years old not understanding how much of a hassle that would be? And the fact that elite PvE guilds would easily take and defend cities, because they know how to play the game?

And inb4i'm15yrsold&verymature4myage.

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8 years ago#7
The funny thing is, when Arena Net talked about and advertised Factions a few years ago, they said this exact thing would happen in that game.
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