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8 years ago#11
No need to be so acidic over semantics. Every interview and snippet of released information on the game has mentioned that they were going to raise the level cap to an unspecified amount, with examples of ideas ranging from the hundreds to unbound.

While it is still unknown as to what the level cap will be when the game comes out, it's pretty safe to assume that it will be higher than 20.
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8 years ago#12
You guys are just sooooooo cool!
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8 years ago#13
nah, moaric, they have also announced that there is a high possibility that it will stay the same. They used to have a link on the wiki, but it has been edited recently.

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8 years ago#14
Kindly link me to the edit history that shows that previous link. I've gone through the official wiki's edit history for the entry on GW2 for over a year just now and can't find anything on it. I've tried to read every piece of information I can regarding GW2, so I'd love to read this one that I missed that goes against what every single other one has said.

My favorite vandalism so far on the wiki was the one saying GW2 took place in Russia and had Octagons as a playable race.
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8 years ago#15
lol, who did that?

Well, anyways, I don't have time right now to check, but I can later.

and anyone who has any sort of memory can remember this happening, making my little errand later on today useless. You people are too sold on proof. Hell, it could be obvious that something has happened, but someone will want proof or it didn't happen. Sheesh...

BUt anyways, I will check later on today, because I am going to be late for Science Honours.
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8 years ago#16
Not a random IP, surprisingly.


And it's not obvious that anything happened, other than you possibly seeing a wiki vandalism. Like I've said before, I've tried to read all interviews and news posts about GW2 that have come out since the first (then discounted) release from the inquirer in March of last year. Any of them that mentioned the level cap all mentioned it being higher than 20, generally giving examples of 100, a few hundred, or limitless.

If you actually did see something, I would be very interested to read it.
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8 years ago#17
don't question maroic

he's rational and knowledgeable and i've yet to see him post something that comes across as trollish or fanboish.
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8 years ago#18
yes, I know that. I am not actually questioning him anymore, I am now questioning myself...

I am just saying, it has been said before... if it was on the wiki, I was pretty sure, but I could be wrong.
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