will they have female charr?

#11Matrix198Posted 1/5/2009 6:50:21 AM
i don't think i have seen female charr. then again in heat of battle it can be hard to notice. there cat like race so there are female's but if they will be in GW2 is hard to say. fact that in GW1 that we never see female charr fight makes me choose that female charr probably won't be in GW2 but who knows it's been 250 years and alot has changed.
#12maoricPosted 1/5/2009 7:07:19 AM

That explains why female Charr weren't in Guild Wars and also why they can be available in Guild Wars 2.

TL;DR: A female Charr didn't want to follow the Titans, so females were removed from warbands and kept to do menial chores. 40 years after Eye of the North, a bunch of females helped finally overthrow the Shamans and got their place back as warriors.

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