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8 years ago#11
As long as there is any way of flaunting some superficial rating as a sign of superiority, be it level or armor or titles, there will always be elitist pricks who'll use it as a requirement to play with them.

I remember starting to play HA (I was primarily a pur GvG'er with Champ 2). There was some rank 8+ sway team going, I asked if I could join with them, telling them I'm in a high-end GvG guild and hsowing my champ title as proof. The guys invited me, called me a scrub, saying GvG is for scrubs, blah blah, then kicked me out.

Half an hour later, my guild forms up a typical GvG build, waits for 10 minutes in queue and goes to HA instead, seeing as we couldn't find a formidable opponent. We meet the team that kicked me out 40 minutes ago, and needlessly say, steamroll their scrub-way.

So that's my story, I don't remember how the moral is related to the topic, but yeah, there are always elitists trying to judge others by something other than pure skill.

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8 years ago#12
Anyone who hasn't played other games that has PvP (WoW) says guild wars players versus player is unbalanced. One of the main reasons why I quit world of warcraft in PvP was because you would spend about 80 hours of your life or more leveling a character to 80 and your class sucks in PvP (Warlocks and healers for example) because the Burst Damage was way to high since healing spells take about 3 seconds to cast a rogue could overkill your health within those three seconds and even silence you.

Tell me how is it fair for you to spend 80 hours or more to level a class you like to play and you will never be able to obtain the best pvp gear even if you were skilled.
8 years ago#13
you were doing somethign horribly, horribly, horribly wrong if you couldn't find success with a warlock or healer.

maybe they didn't have a 1,2,3,4,5 spike for you that fits your strategy level.
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8 years ago#14
The person above me has not played 3.0 or hasn't played a warlock or healer in arenas.
Unless you play a paladin, of course being able to heal out of line of sight and being immune for 12 seconds while healing is balanced when no other class can do this =) (Sarcasm)
8 years ago#15
I honestly hope the Highest Level ends up being 40. Don't know why. Probably because 20 is to small in my eyes, but I don't want to increase it too high, and become the oh so dreaded grind fest.

As for the person above me, they don't seem to realize that they're opinion is not always fact. They don't seem to realize that just because you say something, doesn't make it right. People are allowed to disagree with you, and are allowed to be correct. While I honestly have 0 knowledge of WoW now, I'd take Toast's word over yours any day.
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8 years ago#16
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8 years ago#17
go away scrub.

stop posting worthless and pointless crap.

"The question we should be asking ourselves is not, why were the Republicans rejected by the voters, but who can we blame for it?" ~Stephen Colbert
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