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7 years ago#1

Here's a quote: "The humans are the most well known race to our players, but they're also the ones who have suffered the most changes. Ascalon has been taken by the charr. Elona and Cantha are lost, unreachable, and Lion's Arch is no longer beholden to the human throne. Only the nation of Kryta, led by its Queen Jennah, stands as a bastion of human civilization. Their last great city, Divinity's Reach, shelters humanity from total destruction. They still worship the Six Gods, but the human gods are less active in the world, perhaps reflecting the decline of their followers."
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7 years ago#2
Their gods suck.

I would've expected them to do something, but no, all Balthazar does is save the PvP Isles.

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7 years ago#3

To be honest that interview sucked, as if they would interview one of the game's writers, there isnt much detail abotu the actual game only repetitive marketing, and game ...."history"

7 years ago#4
Yeah, but if Elona and Cantha are lost/unreachable, that means we probably won't see them at all in this game.
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7 years ago#5
that was pretty obvious in the movement of the worlds or whatever they released.

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7 years ago#6
*Spoilers, I suppose*

All this information was already known because of the "Movement of the World" article, or whatever it was. It's been copied verbatim onto the GW2 wiki:

I didn't read the IGN interview yet to see if it was explained, but the movement of the world article explains this. The reason Cantha is cut off is because of Orr rising from the sea... No one can get around to the other side. Same thing in the Crystal Desert. Another dragon and his minions (as well as Palawa Joko) are cutting off access to Elona. So no, we don't have access to those areas... yet, but more than likely new games with come out with the ability to get there.
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