Yet another NCSoft title bites the dust

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Actually we know a fair amount of Cataclysm and FFXIV. The Old Republic is the only one that we still no precious little of. The only thing we really haven't seen with FFXIV is the world and zone design. SE has already given quite a few detailed explanations of the class system, races, mobs, Guildleves, and some weapon and armor information.

Are you stupid? We don't know ANYTHING about FFXIV. Detailed explanations? What detailed explanations?
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your ignorance to information available is not the same as lack of information. There have been several interviews with the devs about the game.
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#43yakkacruzPosted 12/26/2009 5:53:46 PM
can you link to where it shows the earnings? I can't find it on the website
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if you can't figure out how to find them, you wouldn't understand what your reading.

i mean it's not like it's something an investor would want to know than filed under quarterly reports. No that would be far to obvious for anyone who knows what their doing.
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ncsoft's quarterly earnings.

i googled it.

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ugh I was on the wrong section of the site. I was on