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6 years ago#1
I was reading through a few comments on a blog about guild wars, and one really got me thinking. All this talking about personal story and dynamic events. Yes this all nice, but this seems like its getting away from what is Guild Wars? Where is the team effort, what talk about guild's has there even been?

Sure you can bring some friends with you on a personal story, but they way the keep emphasizing "it your story, and only you" makes it seem your "party of friends" is just interchangeable or for fun. Sort of what PvE in guild wars is today, grab henchmen and go.

A game called guild wars, I don't see much guild action going on here. I really hope there saving those goodies for last? Especially the PvP side, seeing as that is my favorite aspect of Guild Wars.
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6 years ago#2

calm down, they're releasing information on the game's content one at a time. They've told us about the unique character bio's or whatever and the dynamic questing to generate interest and show that they're trying to make guild wars a fantastic mmo. I'm sure they'll also reveal their more traditional content soon

6 years ago#3
I am not uncalm, as one would do in a forum or a message board. I am posting my thought and my comment and my concerns. Also providing communication discussions opinions and thoughts.

Also, Yes I do know they're releasing information, seeing as I bookmarked that website. So Thanks?
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6 years ago#4
Also, if you look at the 'tidbits' post here (I think by poisonarc), you'll see that they mention very specifically that they did NOT forget about guilds. They just haven't release info on how it's all going down because they're still fleshing it out.

Unlike some games that hype 'concepts' before they make sure they can implement them, it seems like everything that's been released about GW2 has actually been at least playtested by the designers before making it to print. They probably are dealing with some things that they haven't quite managed to make as impressive as they originally wanted to, so they're waiting until they can either make it work, or find an alternative means to make guilds awesome.

But no, they have not forgotten about guilds. Yes, they want you to be able to play the game and enjoy your own personal story, but I imagine that is WAY easier to playtest than it is trying to gather a large enough group of their designers together to makes sure that guild play is working the way they want it to.

They're leaking info as they become certain about its actual playability. Honestly, without getting everything in order first, I could really care less what arenanet or ncsoft say about what guilds "will be like."

Seriously, be patient. And if you can't, then find some way to occupy yourself until the info is released. Nothing anyone says can rush them, and I think it would be a horrible horrible mistake to do so anyway.

Just my opinion though.

I don't want to see guilds left in the dust either, and I think you have a valid concern, but until they release info, just cool it. Speculation won't make the game any better or any faster. But if you want to have a discussion about what YOU'D like to see guilds become in GW2, that's an entirely different discussion.

Please post your personal opinions and wants here to prompt a discussion (which will likely devolve into an argument between Toast, Maoric, and/or Shadow as well as other gfaqers) and we will chat as a way to kill time until info is released.

6 years ago#5
Oh, and just for kicks and to give credit where credit is due, DarkSoulPriest also tends to get involved in the inevitable death of optimistic conversation about GW2.

:P No offense you guys, but I'm pretty sure you all know what you do by now. But topics have to end eventually anyway. So kudos to making them charged and rife with sweet sweet emotional residue. And also many many lengths of previous poster quotations. :O
6 years ago#6
Hmm, Thanks for that Fuzzy, I do realize that it would be addressed at one point. And I do understand the approach they are taking. Just noting my thoughts, though some things you said did give me a brighter look.

So what is everyone idea's on what the guild system might be like or what you'd want added? And how about PvP?
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6 years ago#7

He's very pessimistic. Kind of like marvin the paranoid android but a lot less awesome.
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