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6 years ago#11

darksoulpriest posted...

From: darkjedilink | #009
I haven't played Aion, so I don't know about its character customization. Is it anything like what Cryptic Studios puts in it's games (CoX, Champions Online, Star Trek Online)? If so, then yeah, I want it.

I briefly looked at STO's character creation on youtube, and looks closer to mass effect 2 and sims 3 than to WoW.

DSP's Tidbits:

You've got to be kidding???

I mean, have you tried the Mass Effect character creation??? The Aion character creation is identical to that of any other asian mmorpg out there? I mean, you pick face, hair**** colours and size (and this time the added plus of body volume).

In Mass Effect's character creation tool you could alter every small detail of the face to your own liking! I could change the shape or size of eyes, nose, mouth, chin, jaws, forehead.... I could alter the character appearance like I was molding him or her. It's a lot more varied than picking a pre-set face!!

Note: I only saw Aion's character creation on youtube. I may be completely wrong, so this is why I'm asking. Does character creation in that game allow to modify every little detail of the character's face, and I didn't notice it??

6 years ago#12

@ Lun sEi

In aion you can change every lil part of your body

6 years ago#13
aion's customization ends up being much better than mass effect's which only let's you edit the face, hair and skin color with a lot less options than aion. then aion has the rest of the body as well.
6 years ago#14

In some instances, Aion's is worse, quite horribly worse.
pew pew
6 years ago#15

From: PoisonArc | #014

In some instances, Aion's is worse, quite horribly worse.

You mean, awesome.
DSP's Tidbits:
6 years ago#16
I think that Guild Wars' art style is too realistic for the 100-sliders customization method that certain games (Elder Scrolls 4, Perfect World, Aion, etc.) have used in the past. The upside to this method is that you can tweak whatever you like, but the downside is that only a relatively small amount of combinations actually create good (realistic) looking faces.

Still, Guild Wars 2 is looking revolutionary in most other respects, so I wouldn't be surprised if they came up with a slider-based character customization system that *didn't* allow for ridiculous monstrosities to be made. ^^'''
6 years ago#17
Uuuhm so actually Aion's customization is much better than I thought?? Can someone point me out to some youtube video which actually shows how in-depth Aion's customization system is??
Since GW2 may end up with something similar, I'd like to check out... the only Aion character video I saw only let you pick face, hairstyle and colours, like all other mmorpgs there. I'd like to see the full costumization!!
6 years ago#18
^ Check my previous post, it has a tall lanky weird looking character. You can basically make any character you want. including a dwarf...

However since you don't like reading my posts.

pew pew
6 years ago#19
I did read your post, but it's not the body customization I wished to look at, but the facial customization. Is it only a preset of faces and hairstyles?
6 years ago#20
There are a bunch of pre-set traits in Aion, but you can adjust anything that you want... the video he posted does show some of the customization for the body too.

Here's another video I found... I'm sure there are better ones, but all I did was search for "Aion character creation".
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