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Table of Contents

[1.1] What is Guild Wars 2?
[1.2] Guild Wars 1: The Scoop
[2.1] Jumping and Swimming
[2.2] Monthly Fees
[2.3] Available Races
[2.4] Available Professions
[2.5] The Release Date
[2.6] System Specs
[2.7] Beta Testing
[2.8] The Level Cap
[2.9] Player-Earned Titles
[2.10] Starting Zones
[2.11] Instancing
[2.12] Personal Stories
[2.13] Profession/Race Combinations
[2.14] Cutscenes
[2.15] The Villains
[2.16] Healing
[2.17] Potions
[2.18] Dye System
[2.19] Cash Shops
[2.20] Auction House
[2.21] PvP (Player versus Player)
[2.22] Mounts/Map Travel
[2.23] Crafting
[2.24] Weapons
[2.25] The Guild Wars 2 Mobile Application
The 10-Slot Skillbar
[3.2] Skills
[3.3] Life Force, Adrenaline, and more.
[3.4] Weapons (continued)
[3.5] Armor Customization
[3.6] Dynamic Events and World Bosses
[3.7] Grouping and Looting
[3.8] The Home Instance
[3.9] Character Traits
[3.10] The Hall of Monuments
Manifesto Trailer
[4.2] Demo Walkthrough
[4.3] Character Creation
[4.4] Queensdale Footage
[4.5] Divinity's Reach/The Shatterer
[4.6] The Dye System
[4.7] Necromancer Gameplay
[4.8] Elementalist Gameplay
[4.9] Ranger Gameplay
[4.10] Warrior Gameplay
]4.11] Q&A w/Colin Johnson
[4.12] Q&A w/Izzy Cartwright
[4.13] Destructoid Preview
[4.14] Luna Atra Interview
[4.15] Mobile App Interview
[4.16] In-Depth User Interface
[4.17] Gaming Outside The Game
[4.18] Interview with Leah Riveria
Guild Wars 2 Official Website
[5.2] Guild Wars 1 Wiki
[5.3] Guild Wars 2 Wiki
[5.4] Guild Wars Guru
[5.5] Guild Wars 2 Guru
[5.6] ArenaNet Blog
[5.7] Fan-Made Wallpapers
[5.8] Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator
Version 1.0
[6.2] Version 1.5
[6.3] Version 2.0


[1.1]What is Guild Wars 2?
Guild Wars 2 is the upcoming sequel to the original Guild Wars game. It was announced in 2007 along with the release of the final Guild Wars expansion pack, Eye of the North. Since then, ArenaNet has been releasing information steadily in very small amounts. With the arrival of GamesCom 2010 us eager fans finally saw some official gameplay, and the game's popularity exploded. If you have not yet seen footage of the gameplay, please check the Gameplay section below.

5 years ago#2
[1.2]Guild Wars 1: The Scoop
Let me start off by addressing the concern that most newcomers around here seem to have. Many of you question if you should play the original game in order to understand this one. The answer is no. Guild Wars 2 takes place 250 years after the events of the original. Put simply, it's an entirely new game. Lore-Freaks will recognize the similarities between the two games, but in no way are you required to play the original to play this. For those of you that played and hated the original – fear not. Guild Wars 2 will play nothing like the original. It has been developed from the ground up to look, feel, and play like a whole new game.


[2.1]Q: Can I jump and swim in this game?
Yes you can.

[2.2]Q: Will this game have a monthly fee?
No. Guild Wars 2, like Guild Wars before it, is buy to play. Please also refer to the 'Is there a Cash Shop' question below.

[2.3]Q: What are the available races in this game?
The five playable races are: HUMAN, CHARR, ASURA, NORN, and SYLVARI. More information can be found on the races here:

[2.4]Q: How many professions are there and what are they?
There are 8 professions. More information regarding the current professions can be found here:

[2.5]Q: When is this game coming out?
When it's ready. ArenaNet refuses to rush the game and release a product that is anything less than perfect. There is no announced date yet but estimates put it somewhere in 2011. Please note that the November 2nd, 2010 release date on the Gamestop/EB Games websites are NOT accurate. Those are placeholder dates. They have to specify a time of release in order to make the product available for pre-order on their website. There is still NO confirmed release date.

[2.6]Q: What are the specs for this game? Will I need a high-end computer to play?
While there are no specifics, the easiest answer is probably not. Arena Net has stated on numerous occasions that, like Guild Wars 1, the game will run on mid-ranged computers that have been purchased in the past few years. They have also confirmed that they are developing the game on graphics cards so old that you can no longer purchase them. It means that even if your graphics card is relatively crappy you should be able to run this game. More information on exact requirements in the near future.

[2.7]Q: Has there been a beta announcement?
Beta has been hinted at being in the near future, likely sometime in 2010. However, at this point it is all merely speculation.

[2.8]Q: What is the level cap in this game?
The level cap is 80, but it is not a grind-fest like some games. The leveling curve in this game peaks early on, meaning that it requires the same amount of time to get from (example) 40-41 as it would take to get from 79-80. Your personal story alone will likely be enough to carry you to 80.

[2.9]Q: Will you be able to collect titles in Guild Wars 2?
Yes. You masochists that like to torture yourself by grinding titles for months so you can brag and show off for friends will be extremely pleased to know that titles/achievements will return in the sequel.

[2.10]Q: Are the starting zones/areas/towns race exclusive?
Yes and no. Yes in the fact that you can't (For example) make an Asura, and then start your Asura out in the Sylvari starting zone. You have to complete your tutorial/beginning quests in your race-specific area. However, you can always go visit and explore the other starting areas later in the game.
5 years ago#3
[2.11]Q: Will the explorable areas in this game be entirely instanced like in Guild Wars 1?
No. Guild Wars 2 will utilize instances as a method of storytelling in every character's personal story, as well as some of the end-game content (ie: Dungeons), but the world itself will remain open. Everything from running back and forth between towns to performing in the 1500+ dynamic events will take place in a world that is open to all players. All towns and cities are also open, save for one small section (see below).

[2.12]Q: What is a Personal Story?
Personal Stories are like the missions in Guild Wars 1. They are an instanced part of the game where you progress the story in your own way. Every decision you make in your personal story will have a lasting effect on the rest of your game. You can bring friends along to help you with your missions and assignments, but the story is still yours to shape how you want it. Your personal story will also change depending on a set of questions you answer at the time of character creation. This only affects the early stages of your story. Later on your story will change depending on your actions in the game.

[2.13]Q: Can I play any profession on any race that I want?
Yes you can. Every profession has every race available to it. The difference in race lies in your race-specific skills and also largely affects your storyline, but you can play any profession you want. Unlike some games you may be familiar with there is no penalty when playing a certain class with a particular race. Every race receives the same stats regardless of class. In this way, an Asura Warrior will be just as strong as a Norn Warrior.

[2.14]Q: Will this game feature voiced cutscenes?
Yes. Guild Wars 2 features over 60 feature films worth of voiced content. This can be experienced right from the start as you walk into a city and hear the bustling chatter of various NPCs..

[2.15]Q: What are the main villains in Guild Wars 2?
The Elder Dragons. They've awoken and risen from beneath Tyria to wreak havoc on the world. There are a total of 5 dragons. Note that The Shatterer, seen in the demo, is NOT an Elder Dragon. It's just a lieutenant that serves them. The Shatterer is only a mouse to a lion compared to the Elder Dragons.

[2.16]Q: No dedicated healing professions?
Yep. ArenaNet has taken innovation to a new level in actually EXCLUDING a dedicated healer from this game. In Guild Wars 2, you ARE the healer. Every single race and profession can heal themselves and revive fallen comrades, thus rendering a dedicated healer completely useless. More on this later. However, there WILL be a support class in this game to cater more to those that love playing that type of class, though it has not been announced exactly what this is.

[2.17]Q: Potions?
Yes, potions. Guild Wars 2 has implemented energy potions into the game. Before you get your underwear in a bundle, it has been confirmed that the potions are ONLY for Energy. There are no health potions at this time and no current plans to implement them. Potions are drinkable to replenish your energy. Once used it starts a long cooldown. This keeps you from spamming skills and drinking energy potions to make up for it. You still have to be careful about how you use potions and which skills to use at certain times.

[2.18]Q: Will there be a dye system?
Yes there will. There are already numerous videos on the internet that show off the dye system in Guild Wars 2. It should be noted that the dye system is much more in-depth than the system used in the first game, so those of you disappointed in the lack of pretty colors can smile a little :). More information on the new, EXTREMELY extensive dye system can be found here:
5 years ago#4
[2.19]Q: Will there be a cash shop?
It's likely, but it will probably be like Guild Wars' cash shop. It doesn't really work like most games. In the Guild Wars cash shop you could buy the campaigns (which can be bought anywhere), or you could buy a few costumes that have no impact on the game whatsoever. You could also buy skill unlocks which are really only necessary if you PvP hardcore and even then you don't need them as obtaining skills is easy. If there is a cash shop in the game we will know more about it in the future, but don't expect much. They know how to keep the game balanced and keep their players happy.

[2.20]Q: Will there be an Auction House?
Yes, there has been a confirmed Auction House in Guild Wars 2. The following excerpt was taken from an interview with an Arena Net developer. (The link to said interview can be found in the video/interview section below).

Guild Wars 2 includes a full Marketplace for players, which will differ from the usual MMO auction house in a number of ways. The biggest and most important difference is GW2’s Marketplace supports postings from both buyers and sellers. You might put your sword up for sale, then offer 100 gold for the specific axe you’re looking for without having to find any specific seller. The market can display the history of average value and trends for an item, making it easy to determine a fair value for your goods. It might be worth waiting to sell your item, depending if the price is rising or falling.

Items you put up for sale may sell while you’re offline, and the funds will be deposited in your account bank. You must be in game to put a new item up for sale, but you will be able to browse the market, bid from your account bank, or cancel your own auctions and offers while logged in to a web browser without running the game.

[2.21]Q: What kind of PvP is in Guild Wars 2?
At this point not much is known. Guild Wars 2 will feature a World vs World PvP (WvW) and a structured PvP. PvP will have various forms of free-for-all and team-based play.

[2.22]Q: Are there mounts in this game? Can I map travel?
Mounts have not been announced and at this point are considered to be unlikely by many. There is map travel, as there was in Guild Wars 1. This time around you travel using Asura Gates and waypoints. Every time you teleport you will be forced to pay a small fee. We have been assured by developers that this fee is minimal and is only there to serve as a small goldsink.

[2.23]Q: Is there Crafting in this game?
Yes. There is crafting but details as to how this works are still uncertain.

[2.24]Q: What weapons are available in this game?
All weapons have been announced and are as follows:
One Handed: Axe, Dagger, Mace, Pistol, Scepter, Sword.
Two Handed: Greatsword, Hammer, Longbow, Rifle, Shortbow, Staff.
Off Hand: Focus, Shield, Torch, Warhorn.
It is possible to dual wield weapons in this game.
5 years ago#5
[2.25]Q: What's the Guild Wars 2 Mobile Application I keep hearing about?
The mobile App for Guild Wars 2 was recently announced at PAX 2010. Developed by Arena Net, this app will give phone owners the ability to interact with Guild Wars 2 while away from their computer. The application is currently still in development, but has been confirmed to do the following: allow you to use the Auction House; chat with your guild/friends; and see where your friends are in the game, as well as what they are doing. This app is stated to work between both games, so players of Guild Wars 1 may use it as well. There will not be a monthly fee for this app, nor will there be a bunch of hidden fees. There is a possibility of a small one-time purchase fee, but it has not been confirmed. AS OF NOW THE ONLY CONFIRMED DEVICES FOR WHICH THIS APP WILL WORK ARE AS FOLLOWS: iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, and any regular computer. No word yet on if it will be available for any other mobile devices.


[3.1]The New 10-Slot Skillbar
The skillbar in Guild Wars 2 has 10 slots whereas in Guild Wars 1 you had 8. Guild Wars 2 is still a build-reliant game, where your build may make the difference between life and death. The first 5 skills on your skillbar are known as your weapon skills. They change depending on the weapon you are wielding at the time. The skills do not change depending on the rarity of a weapon. For example: A staff you got at level 5 will have the same skills as an ultra rare staff you find at level 80. They will just be significantly weaker. The sixth skill slot is for your REQUIRED healing skill. You pick any one of the healing skills at your disposal for this slot. Nothing else can be put here. The seventh, eighth, and ninth slots are for your normal skills. You will have multiple skills purchasable at skill trainers to choose from. Skills like this also have tiers, where you can purchase stronger version of the same skills as you progress through the game. The tenth and final slot belongs to your elite skill. Pick any of your elite skills for this slot and have fun.

Skills in this game function differently from Guild Wars 1. Every skill can be made stronger by purchasing a higher tiered version of it from a skill trainer as you move through the game. Think of them as levels for your skills. Elite skills in Guild Wars 2 are generally very powerful but also have a long cooldown. This means that you have to use it strategically. If you use an elite skill with a 720 second cooldown on a big mob before the boss, you won't be able to use it on the boss. This could become a problem, and thus it is up to you to decide when to use it. Healing skills are usable by every profession and should be sufficient to keep you alive when used properly. In addition you can revive others no matter what class you use. It should be noted that you do not have to waste a skill slot on a reviving skill. It's a natural ability that does not require an actual skill.

[3.3]Life Force, Adrenaline, and More!
Certain classes have an extra bar in addition to their health and energy. Necromancers, for example, have Life Force. This neat little bar fills every time an ally of enemy near them dies. Once it is full the necromancer can go into a Death Shroud. This state drains your life force slowly, but gives access to other, more powerful skills. Other classes also have various abilities surrounding their extra bar, such as a Warrior and his adrenaline.
5 years ago#6
As stated above, the weapons available in Guild Wars 2 are as follows.
One Handed: Axe, Dagger, Mace, Pistol, Scepter, and Sword.
Two Handed: Greatsword, Hammer, Longbow, Rifle, ShortBow, and Staff.
Off Hand: Focus, Shield, Torch, and Warhorn.

There are numerous types of weapons in Guild Wars 2. An example of this would be the Environmental Weapons. In Guild Wars 2 you can interact with your world and pick up dozens of different items. These are called Environmental Weapons. When one of these is picked up it will change the first 5 skills on your skillbar as long as you are holding it. Examples of Environmental Weapons are: A keg, a barstool, a boulder, a jar of bees, and more.

In addition, your equipped weapons can have certain affects on the world around you. This was shown off in the demo at GamesCom 2010. There are weapons with Ghost Effects. They glow at nighttime and are normal during the day. This also effects the weapon's stats. They stats will change depending on if it is day or night. There are also weapons that may glow when an enemy is nearby, and there are weapons that can fold up and be concealed where other players cannot see them. This can give you a significant advantage in PvP.

In the original Guild Wars many people complained about the lack of diversity in terms of armor. Most people in the game went for the coolest/most expensive sets, with the result being that everyone in the game ended up looking similar to one another. In Guild Wars 2 they have mixed things up a bit. The following paragraph is taken from an interview with Arena Net Developers. (Link can be found in video/interview section below)

Personalization is a big deal in this game, and this is also reflected in your appearance. The actual armor your character wears is purely cosmetic; stats and bonuses are instead conferred through crests that you socket into your armor. While it does sacrifice realism for the sake of personalization, since in the real world a pirate costume is obviously less effective than a full suit of plate armor, the crests will allow you to give your character a look you actually like, and will hopefully keep everyone from running around in identical gear. It also allows characters to become legitimately recognizable beyond the name above their head, with the idea being that you start recognizing people on your server simply based on their looks.

More information on how armor can be upgraded and changed can be found here:
5 years ago#7
[3.6]Dynamic Events and World Bosses
There are no quests in Guild Wars 2. No more kill this many monsters and bring me back this many items because they're doing something to the village crap. Guild Wars 2 features a Dynamic Event system. Some will try to compare it to the World Quest system in WAR, but the truth is that it is much more developed and advanced than that. A Dynamic Event is a simple event discovered by a single player, that can turn into a long chain of events depending on the actions of you and the players around you. For example: Instead of a quest that says go kill 10 centaurs, you will have an NPC run up to you and tell you that Centaurs are attacking the village. In Guild Wars 2 this will actually happen. You can see the Centaurs invade and attack the village and it is up to you and those around you to stop them. If you can't stop them the Centaurs will take over the village and kill off NPCs, preventing you from buying items until a group of players comes by and manages to take them out. This then becomes an event of you launching a counterattack against the centaurs, and so on. Any player can partake in a Dynamic Event at any level. They are persistent, not instanced.

World Bosses are massive bosses that will provide a challenge for all players participating. An example of this is The Shatterer, the massive purple dragon shown in the demos. These bosses scale up and down in difficulty depending on the number of players fighting it and the level of those players. This prevents a level 80 player from ruining the fun for a lower level by killing it in a few hits. The same goes with dynamic events. Unlike in most games you have to do more than just fight the boss. In the demo when fighting The Shatterer there were various things that were required of you. You could help free your allies from crystal prisons that were slowly draining their health, you can help protected catapults and cannons nearby so that they could be used in the battle, and you could revive fallen comrades that weren't quick enough to avoid being stepped on :D. These boss battles can also spawn various events. For example, if the catapults on the battlefield were destroyed you would start an event where you have to repair them to help face the dragon. You could travel to a nearby area and start working to get them repaired while other players hold off the dragon. There is SOME form of looping when it comes to things like this. While for the most part events are activated when a player comes along and changes something, some things like World Bosses are operating on a certain loop. Obviously things like the bosses have to loop so that they can be fought again. However, you never truly kill the dragon. You fight it until its health drains and then it flies away to recover. It always returns though.
5 years ago#8
[3.7]Grouping and Loot
I've lost track of how many people were worried about these two things. First and foremost, the Heroes/Henchmen setup from Guild Wars 1 is gone. With the way this game is, ArenaNet has labeled them as unnecessary. As a matter of fact you could probably play this game forever without ever grouping with anyone. The maximum group size in Guild Wars 2 is 5 players. However, you don't have to party, nor do you have to worry about 'Kill Stealing' or Loot Stealing'. Players are rewarded in Dynamic Events and World Bosses based on their level of participation. If you contribute a lot you will get a very high reward, whereas if you hardly participate you will get a relatively low reward. If a World Boss such as the Shatterer drops items, then everyone gets the items. They are evenly distributed automatically between the participants so there is no fighting. For those of you worried about level 80 players stealing your fun, don't be. High level players will have their health and energy and such scaled down when participating in events designed for lower levels. The events also scale up in difficulty based on the number of players in it. Likewise, with the companion system your health and energy will scale upwards if a friend at level 80 takes you into a high level area that you aren't quite ready for.

[3.8]Home Instance
In Guild Wars 2 a small section of your home city will always be instanced. This section of the city is unique to you and changes based on the choices you have made in your story. You can bring a friend along with you but the instance will not change. For example: It was mentioned that depending on what you play eventually you may have to make a choice to either save a hospital or an orphanage. There is not enough time to save them both. If you saved the orphanage the hospital in your home instance would be destroyed and the residents would be seen sitting around the ruins in your home instance. Same goes if you save the hospital and not the orphanage. Much of your personal story will take place in your home instance.

A trait is a profession specific selected ability which gives a character a passive advantage such as increasing damage, reducing recharge times or improving skill powers. Traits affect the first five skills, which are given by the currently equipped weapon and thus change the playing style of the same profession with the same weapon equipped Traits are acquired by completing profession challenges scattered throughout the world. Each profession focuses on different activities to develop his or her traits; for example, warriors train physically, bash stuff, eat stuff, and drink stuff, while elementalists seek ancient knowledge locked in tomes or particularly powerful elemental locations. Discovering or earning traits does not necessarily require participation in events. Each trait can be individually collected, there are no traits which require another trait to unlock access.
5 years ago#9
[3.10]The Hall of Monuments
Most of you familiar with Guild Wars 1 know about the Hall of Monuments. It is an instanced hall added in the final Eye of the North expansion. In this hall you can put achievements on display and unlock rewards for your Guild Wars 2 account. It was recently announced that a points system will be used. Items you display in your Hall in GW1 will earn points that you can use to get rewards in GW2. The rewards are cumulative, meaning you don't have to pick between rewards. You are given rewards for each point you earn; therefore if you earn 20 points, you will get all 20 different rewards up to that point. You do NOT have to completely fill your hall in order to earn rewards.

The rewards for earning points in the Hall of Monuments are as follows:

1 Point: Heritage Boots, Shoes, Warboots (Heritage footwear for light, medium, and heavy armor professions)

2 Points: Heritage Pants, Legguards, Legplates (Heritage legwear for light, medium, and heavy armor professions)

3 Points: Heritage Great Coat, Jerkin, Warplate (Heritage coats for light, medium, and heavy armor professions)

4 Points: Heritage Gloves, Armguards, Gauntles (Heritage handware for light, medium, and heavy armor professions)

5 Points (first milestone): Heritage Mantle, Shoulderpads, Pauldron (Heritage shoulder covering for light, medium, and heavy armor professions); {TRAVELER}-Reward Title

6 Points: Heritage Masque, Bandana, Warhelm (Heritage headware for light, medium, and heavy armor professions)

7 Points: Gnarled Walking Stick (An ancient staff)

8 Points: Living Shortbow (An organic bow)

9 Points: Orange Tabby Cat (A feline mini-pet)

10 Points (second milestone): Fiery Dragon Sword (A flaming dragon blade); {GUILD WARRIOR}-Reward Title

11 Points: Diamond Aegis (A brilliant diamond shield)

12 Points: Barogue Mask (An elegant, harlequin mask)

13 Points: Centurion's Claw (A double-bladed dagger)

14 Points: Wheelock Rifle (An antique rifle)

15 Points (third milestone): Orrian Baby Chicken (An oddly lovable mini-pet); Black Moa (A dark-feathered moa for Rangers); {RIFT WARDEN}- Reward Title

16 Points: Wayward Wand (A Clawed Scepter)

17 Points: Seathunder Pistol (An aquatic themed pistol)

18 Points: Heavenly Bracers (Gauntlets of Dwayna)

19 Points: Deldrimor Mace (An ancient, Dwarven mace)

20 Points (fourth milestone): Chimeric Prism (A brilliant, colorful focus); Rainbow Jellyfish (A spineless, aquatic companion for your Ranger); {CHOSEN}- Reward Title

21 Points: Rockfur Raccoon (A woodland mini-pet)

22 Points: Ithas Longbow (A legendary longbow)

23 Points: Fellblade (An ominous greatsword)

24 Points: Icelord's Diadem (An icy crown)

25 Points (fifth milestone): Ice Breaker (A mighty hammer of ice); White Raven (A white feathered raven for your Ranger); {ASCENDANT}- Reward Title
5 years ago#10
26 Points: Flaming Beacon (An eternally burning torch)

27 Points: Red Servitor Golem (A loyal, golem mini-pet)

28 Points: Stygian Reaver (A long sought-after axe)

29 Points: Mountaincall Warhorn (A great horn from antiquity)

30 Points (sixth milestone): Fire God's Vambraces (Fiery Gloves of the human god, Balthazar); Black Widow Spider (A deadly spider companion for your Ranger); {CLOSER TO THE STARS}- Reward Title

35 Points (seventh milestone): {GHOSTLY HERO}- Reward Title

40 Points (eighth milestone): {FLAMESEEKER}- Reward Title

45 Points (ninth milestone): {LEGEND OF THE MISTS}- Reward Title

50 Points (the final milestone): {CHAMPION OF THE GODS}- Reward Title

So there you have it. Those are all the rewards you can unlock by filling your hall in Guild Wars 1. As stated above, the rewards are cumulative. If you earn 50 points, you will receive every single item on this list. Whether or not more items will be added between the 30-50 point markers is unknown, but at this time it is only titles from that point on. Rewards will be account based, so you can have these items on every Guild Wars 2 character that you create. It is likely that a system like that of the '/bonus' macro in Guild Wars 1 will be used in the sequel to obtain your items. To find out how many points you have on your character, and to see what you need to do in order to earn more, please find the link in the 'useful links' section below. More information on the Hall of Monuments can be found here:


[4.1]Guild Wars 2 Manifesto Trailer:

[4.2]Guild Wars 2 Demo Walkthrough (Low Level Human, Mid-Level Charr, Shatterer Boss Fight)
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:

[4.3]Character Creation:;title;8

[4.4]Quuensdale Demo:;title;7

[4.5]Divinity's Reach and The Shatterer:;title;5

[4.6]Dye System:

[4.7]Necromancer Gameplay:

[4.8]Elementalist Gameplay:

[4.9]Ranger Gameplay:

[4.10]Warrior Gameplay: (This is leaked Footage and the user is using dev hacks):

[4.11]Q&A With Lead Content Designer Colin Johanson:
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