Spin me up to date on how armor/weapons will work per class

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From my understanding armor isn't limited per class this time around but by heavy/medium/light ie if I don't have to deal with ugly tuxedos worn by Mesmer males like in the first. I can choose a more "combat" looking armor.

By the same token I won't be gimped if I use a sword as opposed to a wand (maybe.... Depending on the importance of positioning? How does the traditional mmorpg "strength" stat work into this?) and this is because you must have 5 weapon skills and 5 class skills (ie they're separate entities)?
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all skills are profession-specific except for racial skills.

mesmers with greatswords have different weapon skills than warriors with greatswords.
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There's a single stat "Power" which covers damage for all weapon types, whether you're swinging a sword or shooting lasers. So you can switch from pew pew to hack and slash without having to alter your equipment or build.

All classes have both ranged and melee options also. There's such thing as a ranged Warrior or a melee Mesmer (with a death wish).
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Weapons have hard class restrictions (unlike GW1 where, say, a ranger could hold a sword but wouldn't get a lot of use out of it unless he took Warrior as a secondary and used Warrior skills), but each weapon can be used by multiple classes and the abilities you get from wielding that weapon are class-specific.

As an example, Mesmers can wield greatswords, but by wielding one they get spells that involve using their huge sword as a focus for magic (like firing a magic laser from it to the target, or jamming the sword into the ground and creating a magical spike that jabs up at the target from the ground), whereas a warrior with a greatsword obviously gets skills that focus on dealing damage/conditions by gratuitously applying the weapon to enemys' face. (As an example of a hard class restriction, warriors can't equip pistols, and mesmers can but only in the off hand, while thieves can use a pistol in either hand.)

Dual-wielding factors into this as well. A one-handed weapon has 5 skills tied to it, but if you put that weapon in your main hand your first 3 skills will be based on it, while if you put it in your off hand your 4th and 5th skills will be based on that weapon. Off-hand only items (shield, focus, etc.) also grant 4th and 5th skills when equipped.

Thieves dual-wielding is a special case, as their 3rd skill is actually determined by which combination of two weapons they're dual-wielding rather than being based solely on the main-hand weapon.
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#5Duke DarkwoodPosted 4/15/2012 12:32:18 PM

It is as you say, they are divided by type, not individual class.

Elementalist, Necromancer, and Mesmer get "Light Armor" (cloth-type, basically).
Ranger, Engineer, and Thief get "Medium Armor" (leather-type)
Warrior and Guardian get "Heavy Armor" (metal-type)

There should be enough diversity in style that you can look how you want. (And, due to Transmutation - which I will cover at the end of this post - you can even keep your favorite skins in use by fusing them with something that is ugly but has good stats.)


As Dark Magician Master explains, these are hard-restricted by class. And further, even classes that get the same weapon type will get different skills from it. And the skills are set in stone. (At least, the left half of the skillbar.)

SHORT VERSION (I'll do long if you ask):

Main Hand weapon gives your first three skills.
Off-Hand weapon/item gives your next two.
Two-Handed weapons give all five.

By choosing the right combination, you can get a build that suits you best. (And don't forget to set up the right half of the skill bar - self-heal, utility skills, and Elite Skill - with skills you think will complement that.)

Note 1: Elementalists also have an extra factor, Attunement - which element they focus on will change their skills. (This gives them four skillbars for every weapon type, basically.)
Note 2: Warriors can equip a "swap set", to change weapons on the fly, even during combat. (Which leads me to assume you can't go into inventory and manually change equipment during combat.)
Note 3: From what I gather, Thieves have a special exception for Skill 3 when dual-wielding, which will change based on both their Main AND Off hand weapon.
Note 4: Underwater combat seems to use different types of weapons than ground combat. This would mean different skills. We'll know more when betas get underway.

NOW. I believe I promised an explanation of Transmutation?

Let's say you have "Cool-Looking But Terrible Stats Armor", and then come across a new set, "Great Stats But Ugly Armor".

In Guild Wars 1, you'd have to suffer with the ugly armor, until you found something better (and better looking) - even if it meant sticking with ugly armor until you got to the elite sets.

In Guild Wars 2, there will be a way to have the best of both worlds at all times! Here's how I understand it:

Through a process called Transmutation, you can fuse your old armor and your new armor.... and choose to keep the skin from one, and the stats from the other. So:

(A) - Looks Good But Has Bad Stats
transmutes with
(B) - Looks Bad But Has Good Stats
to create
(C) - Looks like (A) And Has Stats From (B)

And then, when later armor comes around, you can do it again. Fuse armor (C) with the new, better one (if you don't like its looks), and carry the old skin and the new stats.

Of course, it won't be free. It'll probably be either a service, or require some item, or something. It would mean choosing wisely - can you afford to do it?
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Armor is divided by both class and armor rating (light, medium, heavy)

You can have a set of armor that is named "Ghostly" for example that will be light rating for Mesmer, Elementalist, and Necromancer but look different aesthetically for each armor rating and class. Meaning, warriors' ghostly set will look different than the mesmer ghostly set, but also give a heavy armor rating and not light.
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#7seven303Posted 4/15/2012 12:41:49 PM
Duke Darkwood posted...

Note 2: Warriors can equip a "swap set", to change weapons on the fly, even during combat. (Which leads me to assume you can't go into inventory and manually change equipment during combat.)

Thats EVERY class except the elementalist, not warriors only. Every class has 2 sets of weapons to quick swap between.

Elementalists are the only exception because they have 4 attunements to swap between so they only get 1 weapon set.
#8Duke DarkwoodPosted 4/15/2012 12:52:16 PM
Hrm. I had heard about thieves having them, actually, but wasn't sure - and didn't know others did as well.

I just knew Warriors for certain because it was from the old Profession Reveals.
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To add to Darkwood's excellent post, you can also dye your armor the color you want, for even more customization. And it's not just a color modifier applied to the whole armor, armors have at least 3 different dying zones which can be dyed with different colors. For example if you're a fan of old Rome, you could dye your armor red/silver/gold to look like a centurion.

I wonder if shield-carrying classes can put heraldry on their shield. Probably not but it would be pretty cool.
#10sean434Posted 4/15/2012 2:55:03 PM
Elementalists AND Engineers can't weapon swap.