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3 years ago#1
No. I do not want blind fans saying OMG OMG BEST GAME EVER.

How is it really?
3 years ago#2
Best MMORPG ever.
3 years ago#3
I loved it. I remember when i first started WoW. This game has definitely started a lot better for me by lvl 6. The quests have some depth already, and it's obvious that the decisions you made at the start show off your character.
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3 years ago#4
Well, I've played a ton of MMOs in my time, but my favorite has always been Guild Wars. So call me a fanboy if you will, but I enjoyed this beta more so than most MMOs that I have paid for.
3 years ago#5
It has potential, but

1) Beta is beta, with all the bugs and issues that brings
2) Personal story only went up to level 20; in live it will take you up to 80
3) I only got to level 18
4) I was playing a class/race I don't really care about (Charr Ranger; I want my "real" main character to be a Human Mesmer)
5) No group content except PvP in the beta

So I can't honestly form an opinion yet.
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3 years ago#6
Gallusz posted...
No. I do not want blind fans saying OMG OMG BEST GAME EVER.

How is it really?

Well... It's definately impressive. I didn't see much of the world. Spent all my time in Queensland running quests in with various characters to test the builds. Didn't get close to trying all eight. Plus I wanted to check out the crafting. So I did some of that.

Then I ran out of time.

So far, in beta, I'd subscribe. To the game as it stands now. It's visually stunning. It's got amazing graphics for an MMO.

The combat, melee anyway, was difficult at first. But once I clued in to the GW2 way instead of doing it like all the other MMOs I've ever played, it was a blast.

I like the crafting system. It works. It's useful. I enjoy it. It reduces much of the tedium to crafting, without reducing it to the silliness of SWTORs non-involved crafting.

I loved the changes to the elementalist and ranger. They were both so annoying in GW1. With the elementalist, it seemed like you never had the right attunement. With the ranger, you'd spend a couple of minutes casting all your buffs before you could fight, which was annoying. Those issues are dead and gone.

I did no WvW but most of my guild did and they said it was a blast.

All in all, even in beta, it's one of the best MMOs I've played.
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3 years ago#7
I personally had a lot of fun with the PvP however there were aspects about the PvE that annoyed me and I made sure to write feedback about it whenever possible so hopefully it will be addressed.

Overall though I had a lot of fun playing the beta.
3 years ago#8
From what I've played so far, it's alright. I was expecting to enter the game and get pretty much what all other MMOs offer... Dungeon queuing.. Instances... Quests...

Instead, what I played was basically a single player modern RPG with pseudo inferior Rift-like world events that are designed to bring together people... But really just ends up as a confusing zerg-fest with forgotten objectives.

It's free to play. There's people everywhere. Definitely potential for it go somewhere with a healthy population of players. Hopefully they don't go cheap on us and take away modern MMO elements like dungeon queuing...
3 years ago#9
it's very good as i have said many times before. i'm liking most of it, and sorry if i don't blow some minor concerns(mostly my opinion) out of proportion, but i am not being a blind fanboy. there are some issues here and there, but nothing that would kill it unless you simply want what this game does not seek to offer.

the auction house is great and it actually works. playing my last mmo i always wanted mini games and exploration, this has it. should i state the negative opinions i have as facts and act like the game sucks in order to appear unbiased?
3 years ago#10
Extremely impressive. I've been following the development process since it was "Guild Wars: Utopia," and it far exceeded my very, very high expectations. There's plenty of work left to do. Server issues, squashing bugs, optimization, even a bit of game balancing. But the content is there, the gameplay is amazing, and it's looking like it'll be not only the best MMO I've ever played, but perhaps the best game.

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