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4 years ago#1

I am going for a pure support mesmer with heals and buffing / debuff with staff. Yeah it does no damage but the support! the SUPPORT!
4 years ago#2
My Runes will be full Dwayna set:
+25 healing
+20% regeneration duration
+50 healing
5% chance to gain regeneration for 10s when hit. (cooldown: 30s)
+90 healing
When you use a heal skill you and all nearby allies gain regeneration for 10 seconds. (cooldown: 10s)

Sigil of Superior Water x2

My amulet:
+healing power, + vit, + toughness
4 years ago#3
this would work much, much better on an elementalist or guardian.

honestly, it won't do that well on a mesmer.

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4 years ago#4
You don't have an offhand in your secondary weapon set.

4 years ago#5
I feel like the mantra of healing is bugged or something. In the beta it was healing for a really low amount even at 80 in the structured pvp.

Also you have no support slot skills. Why not illusion of life, mirrored feedback and then decoy when people decide to look at you so you don't get instantly killed.
4 years ago#6
It's actually not too bad on paper other than a few problems

- You have no off-hand, an off-hand Sword will give you 2 more Illusion summoning skills as well as a defensive move
- May want to swap out Mender's Purity (Inspiration (30)) for Vigorous Revelation, this may offer more team support

I'm sure a build like this would be good in large scale situations (WvW and DEs) but I am not sure how it will do for smaller scale stuff (leveling, dungeons, structured PvP).

Definitely something you need to play around with.
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4 years ago#7

Okay I updated a few things. For my secondary I picked a focus. I swapped one mantra for veil of Invisibility and picked up time warp for my ult. I also swapped out the inspiration trait to the one that grants vigor instead (had to look up what vigor does, pretty awesome!)

I plan on using this build in PvE as like a healer / support type and in large WvW events! That way I can sustain my whole team!
4 years ago#8
And thanks everyone for the feedback!
4 years ago#9

From: ZamundaHakeem | #007
That way I can sustain my whole team!

You will never have enough powerful AoE heals to sustain an entire group for any extended period of time. Especially not in large scale combat where people get focused down rather quickly.

I'm sure you can make a support build that will help turn the tides though.
I'm not your bro, bro.
4 years ago#10
Does anyone know how much a heal from the mantra is? I also plan on spamming my self heal every 10 seconds so I can grant my team regen.
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