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4 years ago#1
First off I'm new to the MMO games and I just ore-purchased this game to get in on the stress test yesterday.

Question I have is this; In the character creation is that just your starting outfit and can you make other outfits or buy other like in other games, sorry if this is a stupid question.

4 years ago#2
It's just your starting outfit. You can get others, but as far as I'm seeing, the normal armor vendors sell stuff that looks exactly the same as your starting gear, with just stat changes based on the item level.

Different-looking gear is either dropped by mobs, created via crafting, acquired in dungeons and...whatever other source I don't know of.
4 years ago#3
yep the armor u get at creation is ur starting armor

i found u can buy armor and weapons at the major city for ur race..

but i'm sure with weapon and armor smiths we'll be able to make some

the ppl that played GW and have reward points for doing stuff in that game
( whice is called Halls, for they EoTH expansion )
get armor and weapons and titles and pets for rangers

hope that helps
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4 years ago#4
It depends on what you mean by character creation. The armor that displays when you select your class is a mixture of high-level armor and race specific armor, and shows you what your character could possibly look like if you go the distance.

The armor that appears in the meat of character creation, like when you're customizing appearance, is what you start with, and is generic light, medium, and heavy armor that all races start with.
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4 years ago#5
There's 3 main styles of armor, but you get different looking armor from loot, rewards, crafting, dungeons, PvP, and HoM.
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4 years ago#6
A lot of the armor you purchase from Karma vendors tend to look different. I know the Seraph armor in Kessex Hills was pretty awesome looking on my Guardian.
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