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User Info: Redmoon_dragon

4 years ago#1
Ok so this what I think about the necromancer in structure PvP so far.
-they last pretty long in PvP
-lots of aoe but they are mostly dots would like to see more direct damage or consume dots for direct damage
-pets need a retreat option

They're maybe more, but I can't remember right now
What do you guys think?

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User Info: darksoulpriest

4 years ago#2
Oh that reminds me, I need to check if the trait tiers affect the minion master traits.
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User Info: A_Caveman

4 years ago#3
Probably the strongest all around PVP class right now, if running Lich Form and a heavy DoT build, they just have a strong answer for nearly everything besides Guardian, which isn't a huge offensive threat to begin with.

User Info: Gibble1

4 years ago#4
Extremely good at pvp. DS is a huge benefit. Haven't been using the pets at all in spvp but other people have been saying they work well. I focus on conditions and damage, mostly staff and dagger/dagger. In my opinion the best traits (in general) are condition-related, especially if they add or remove conditions.

Been effective in both wvw and spvp. I have used the pets some in wvw (since I have those skills) but not sure if they are really as effective as other choices.
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