So these are my specs right now; upgrade or new PC?

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These are my specs:

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8300 @ 2.50GHz
ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series

PC is about...three years this month. Primary use is for illustration, Photoshop, and older MMOs like LOTRO and WoW.

I understand my PC is probably on the low end of that chart I saw, and I can get with that. Last Christmas I looked into a new card, but the issue is my power supply would also need to be upgraded, and I was twitchy about doing that (I've done cards, HD, drives, and RAM before all on my own, but something about the power supply makes me nervous, on several levels).

I don't need to be on the cutting edge, I'd just like to run the game a decently pretty yet smooth setting, so would it be better to just grab a recommended card and PSU, or should I think for the future anyway?

Yes, Mac is better for art, especially CS Suite, but that's not going to be a factor yet.

I appreciate any advice.
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It depends on your PSU, but you should be able to keep everything except the motherboard, cpu and gpu.

More than likely the PSU will need to go...If I were not in a queue for arena I'd post some recommended things for around 400 to run it decent... maybe later
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Thanks, Xeeh. I've seen your tech advise before, I was hoping you'd help :)
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Your CPU will run it, but the gpu is beh.. but the thing is your CPU is of an older generation is it's execution is dated which will be an issue with CPU bound games. It's better to just replace it, but if money is an issue go another video card.. but it depends on your psu also on which type to get.
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Sorry I think u cant keep anything except the harddrives, dvd rom and case if it is a custom case if dell, hp, gateway case then u cant keep it since those r custom for their mother boards. When u upgrade motherboards u have to change the cpu, ram, and graphic cards cus those change as well because his ram bus speed is slow but nowaday we r at ddr3 at over 2k bus speed. PSU cant be used either since i doubt his will have 2 PCIe power source since it is intel duo core age, today graphic card all used 2 PCIe power source. It is a full purge on the computer if ur willing to cough up the money u can built a kick ass system without monitor for 1500-1600, case, dvd rom, intel 330 ssd 180gb, p77 motherboard, intel i7 3rd gen, 8gb ram, ati 7870, windows 7. you can change it to nvidia card for higher price but I dont like nvidia cus it burn out on me which cost me over 250 to replace while ati doesnt but ati is slower than nvidia in power but ati generate less heat and stable.

But he can go cheap and find out when is his board Pcie at cus if u buy a Pcie 3.0 card it might not work on the board cus I tried it once to put a Pcie 2.0 card on a Pcie 1.0 board it lag like hell after change it to a 2.0 board it was smooth sailing. Also installing a SSD hd will boost his PC speed by a lot as well. 6gb of ram is enough for most games so find out what is ur board Pcie at and get the card that is fast and at that level then add a intel 330 SSD with rebate your good to go.
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1500-1600 seems a little excessive. Anyway to drop that by, oh, a thousand or so?
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for a lower budget u can go to microcenter do an instore pickup for i5 3570k 3rd gen cpu plus board combo it is cheap like 100 less than market value. since ur ram is ddr3 u should be able to keep it ur hds u can keep those as well for the case if it is a regular custom case not those dell, hp, sony case then u can keep it. for power supply i think u have to get a new one since to support the new graphic cards and cpu nowadays u need around 550-650 watts to run 1 graphic card depending which card u go for ati use less power but weaker while nivida is stronger but used more. Also make sure the power supply has a 6 and 8 ping PCIe power source. cpu and board around 300-330, power supply 60-100, graphic card up to u 100-500 for reading speed add a ssd hd but this is optional 100-250.
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AlkalineKitten posted...
1500-1600 seems a little excessive. Anyway to drop that by, oh, a thousand or so?

You can build a good system for that much, a thousand.. even less.. it depends do you want it for other games in the future or to run GW2 today on max..

For a thousand build..

670 or 7970
8gb 1600ram
Asus/ASrock MB(Cheap but good)
Pick a case of your liking based on size, airflow and aesthetics
Corsair or Seasonic, 550-600w.. modular if you prefer better cable management
Samsung HD, depends on how much space you get and how much you wanna spend
Pick any random optical drive for OS installation or install os with flash drive
Keyboard/Mouse, really don't make much of a difference tbh.. most are gimmicks.. a good player is a good player regardless of which he uses

Now you'll be at the thousand build with what I listed, which does include the cost of an OS or display.. OS, re use your old key.. call Mirosoft and explain that your computer took a dive and you had to replace the motherboard.. you'll get that taken care of..

use your old display until you can get something better.. ips ftw

that build will server you well for other games down the road.. for at least a couple of years before the settings need to go down below high
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Err. does not include cost of display or os