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darkjedilink posted...
I'm noticing that all of you are saying that to get there, you had to do pretty much everything, yet you think it's fine.

The fact that you have to do pretty much everything is the entire reason it's not fine.

all i did was: heart, dynamic events, kill monsters and gather the occasional ore/plant/tree while exploring the world on the way there. i don't think there's anything wrong with playing the game like that because games ALWAYS have a "best" or "most efficient" way of leveling up.

WoW (now) has quests. SWTOR has quests. Aion has quests. i didn't play EQ1/2, DAoC or AOC, so, i can't comment on those. there's nothing preventing you from playing the way you want to. you'll just level slower then others. that's what confuses me; you're saying people that don't do as much as other people (i.e. lets say you don't gather or explore) should get as much EXP as people who go out of there way to do these two things?

honestly, i'd probably level slower, but, with the BWE (and stress test), i felt hurried for time and wanted to see as much as i could. if we didn't have a limited amount of time, i would've definitely PVP'd more, focused on crafting, done WvW, etc.
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NoGaRdKniGht posted...
I don't think you'll have to do nearly all of it just to get to max level.


I did my own two starting areas for the Charr, the two starting areas for the Norn when my friend started playing, and Gendarren Plains, and I was easily within the appropriate level ranges. Would have been higher if not for bugged skill challenges preventing me from getting 100% exploration in a couple of them.

I didn't even finish the mini-dungeon in Wayfarer's Foothills (15-25 Charr area), and there's still personal story to factor in the future, since it stops at level 20 in the beta.

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Rectangular mountains?


Only thing I see that's remotely rectangular is the ruined Ascalonian Wall.
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to be fair, i rarely did any of the dynamic events. i wound up skipping the ones that take too long or putting in the bare minimum of effort for bronze or silver.

while the amount of zones available in the beta was 34%, it doesn't count instanced zones nor personal story. i also didn't do any jump puzzles (except the one where there was a skill challenge at the end).

at the very most, expect to do two racial zones to level up out of the five. meaning, you won't be doing all the lower level content just to enter a higher level zone. by the time i started the level 25 zone (gendarran fields 25-35) i was already level 35 because i had completed three racial zones completely along with power leveling two crafting skills beyond my actual level.