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^Wtf is that pile of ****?

Get out of my topic with that nonsense.
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Nice FAQ
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One correction about the charr: Most do not live around the Black Citadel. Rather the Black Citadel is currently the home base of the Iron Legion (which specializes in technology and war machinery), and the leader of the Iron Legion is currently the de facto leader of the free charr. The Iron Legion "homelands" are the playable charr areas of the game while elsewhere in the world (but not in the game) the Ash Legion (which specializes on stealth and spying and such) and Blood Legion (which focuses on the front lines of war) have homelands and citadels of their own. Those three legions contain most of the charr, with the Flame Legion (specializing in magic and run by religious zealots) as an outcast group that once enslaved the rest of the charr with an iron fisted theocracy (and who never have stopped their use of war and terrorism against the other legions in the years since being driven from power).

In short, the info is fine but it should say that most of the charr in the game live in and around the Black Citadel rather than all charr overall.
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Great post, helped me a lot with a few questions i had regarding jumping etc. 8 more days til launch!
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Second Mars rover, Bicuriousity, also open to exploring Uranus
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TC, you are amazing. Thank you.
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Great guide. Most guides make the assumption that a player knows his way around the game already, so a lot of information is given without explanation. The good guides like this one assume the player knows nothing and just opened the box. I like how you lay down the basics first, making this guide useful for a wider player base.
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Amazing Guide Thanks!
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Second Mars rover, Bicuriousity, also open to exploring Uranus