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4 years ago#41
I was able to log in at midnight EST, make 5 characters for names, and play for a little while before problems started occurring. First the Defense of Shaemoor quest keep restarting, and then I was unable to move areas because of a disconnection error.
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4 years ago#42
funkydude31 posted...
I'm just curious, didn't bother staying up late, but was this the issue all night? Like has anyone been able to get on at all. I know we are like 10hrs past the supposed beginning of the early launch, or has everyone been getting this error?

No no, I was up around 1 I got to make my character and even play for about a half hour, had to get off due to work today. But as far as I know the issue occurred in the past few hours or so.
4 years ago#43
the topic title is the message that i get now also.

but i was able to log in last night and play.
4 years ago#44
downloading update now...
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4 years ago#45
I finally managed to get over the "Connection Error Detected" but now I'm right back to good old Error 42
"The game client is unable to access login servers at this time. This is most commonly caused by firewall or router settings..."
4 years ago#46
"We have re-established server connectivity and are aware of some Error 42 issues.If you find this error please try again to reconnect. ^DO "
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4 years ago#47
IM in West Coast, Canada. I got in no problems.
4 years ago#48
Hmm. I managed to log in for about 10 minutes, but now I'm getting error 42s again. Was it because I tried to switch the server and it crashed in the middle? Can I do anything about it?
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