Any suggestions for overheating laptop?

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4 years ago#1
My laptop runs things fine, it just overheats a bit too much now, I guess because its a getting a little bit older now. Would having the fan replaced or even just cleaned of dust solve this problem? It shut itself down 5 times whilst playing today because it got hot, it seemed alright yesterday though... Does this damage the laptop at all when it shuts itself down? Dont seem to be any other problems other than this..
4 years ago#2

That's what I use, never had overheating problems after that.
4 years ago#3
Oh, nice thanks. I had heard of something like that but was a bit dubious they actually worked, they really work well?
4 years ago#4
Amazingly well, well Thermaltake ones anyway, bought another one before and it broke in a few months, got the one I have no (linked) for 2 years and it's still getting the job done even though it's turned on almost 24 hours a day everyday.

And I had incredible overheating problems, my computer kept shutting down in a matter of minutes after starting a game (and no it's not a dust problem), with this cooling pad I never had a problem again.
4 years ago#5
Thanks, may have to get this...
4 years ago#6
If that doesn't drop temps enough and you want a more involved approach you could look into undervolting, google some guides.
4 years ago#7
Control panel
Power options
My Custom Plan 1
Change settings
Change advanced power settings
Processor power management
Minimum processor state
Change [On battery:100%] to [On battery:80%]
Change [Plugged in:100%] to [Plugged in:80%]
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