I like how the armor gets progressively more awesome the higher you level

#1r7gerrabbitPosted 8/26/2012 7:02:57 PM
Level 11: http://i.imgur.com/n4VuB.jpg

Level 20: http://i.imgur.com/Yibn2.jpg

Level 25: http://i.imgur.com/kpjVa.jpg
#2HollandGrayPosted 8/26/2012 7:03:55 PM
Only within the individual type tiers.

My starter Ranger gear is eons better than the Studded Coat garbage I find too often.
#3PorkinzPosted 8/26/2012 7:10:56 PM
Well I just turned lvl 20 but I still look like I just emerged from a junkheap.

Don't care though, I still feel badass
#4OhoniPosted 8/26/2012 7:21:40 PM
I think the third one is from the same tier as the first, it's just the "velvet" set rather than the "country" set. There are awesome sets out there though. I got a really cool medium jacket as a karma reward from Beetletun, and the rest of my gear is crafted "Seeker" gear.