Patch Size if you installed from DVD?

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4 years ago#1
Just got the game = hardcopy/disk.

No pre-purchase, just a pre-order. However in my country, you don't get any perks such as being able to download the launcher earlier
(I read that you can only download/update the launcher before the launch date if you had a pre-order/purchase).

Anyway - after finishing the installation - looks like there's a BIG ASS HELL PATCH waiting.
My internet is somewhat so-so (WoW and other online games are playable, not laggy in the least bit), but DOWNLOADS ARE BRUTALLY SUCKTASTIC.

So, how big is the patch download (after disc installation)?
4 years ago#2
4 years ago#3
Ive no Idea, but in the same boat. After installing from 2 DVD's the patch does seem massive, still not complete so I cant answer your question though, sorry.
4 years ago#4
Found out it was 5.5+ GB.

Oh lord...

About 8-10 hours tops for the connection I have.. DAMN..
4 years ago#5
nice, Im not on the best connection either. hopefully I can play before I go to bed. (Australia)
4 years ago#6
19gb left on my SSD... gonna be a tight fit.

8 to 10 hours to download 5.5 gig? i feel for you man...

"pets his 120mb fiber connection :P 5.5gb in about 7 mins"
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