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User Info: Caliystia

4 years ago#11
Yeah I don't mind the fast spawns so much now. I did at first but I learned to kill better/faster so it's just more fun now with more adds and mobs to kill. I think they will scale it back once the populations settle down.

The thing I hate is when the mob decides he's done with your a$$whoopin' goes invuln and runs away with a full health bar. Usually this only happens on the hard mobs when it's really annoying to have to whittle them down again... ><

User Info: spanky1

4 years ago#12
You know, I've always thought that just completely removing trash mobs from certain areas would be a good idea and make the game more enjoyable. The only enemies that matter are the ones around the various quests. But if I'm just traveling down a road with nothing of interest around, I don't think there should even be any bad guys. Just let me look at the scenery, you know?

User Info: Aceallways

4 years ago#13
Yes! This is the only mmo I have wanted a lower respawn timer on.
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User Info: CyanB

4 years ago#14
BoOfTantar9 posted...
I'm assuming because so many players are in the game there needs to be a short respawn or people would be sitting around waiting for something to kill. I dunno...

Sure, I have no problem on that front.

However, I'm sure they could tweak the timer to fit with the number of players in a given area, like they have done with the number of critters during DE's.
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