I hate how people can rep multiple guilds.

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User Info: Rabillion

4 years ago#11
xR4zorwirex posted...
I have my own guild. I'm welcome to others joining but I've never actually looked. I play really casually, I don't want other people relying on me or me on them for anything.

This. I like to play at my own pace and not worry about not pulling my weight in a guild.

Except I haven't created a guild for myself and turn down offers to join others. Being a one man band is fine by me.

User Info: GoatJugSoup

4 years ago#12
I created a guild just me and some irl friends, we would have been playing together anyway, might as well have a guild so the influence earned goes somewhere. Not opposed to having more people join but not actively seeking them either. Maybe if we decide to go wvw a lot more then that might change...
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User Info: Wolfhart24

4 years ago#13
zach12_2 posted...
It really pisses me off. I can't make my members not rep other guilds, but I do discourage it. How do you handle this situation? I've had people leave over it. It's very annoying.

Make them want to stay with friendly banter, a warm helpful environment and pray they stay or tie them up and brainwash them into wanting to stay. Those are your best options I think. Oh and finding a way to steal free will is good to.

Other then that increase your luck stat.
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User Info: Aceallways

4 years ago#14
Should be 1 guild per account.
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  3. I hate how people can rep multiple guilds.

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