So Guild Wars 2 has just as good of reviews as MoP...

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GaMeFr33k posted...
GW2: 90%

WoW MoP: 84%

I've played both. I've reached max level in both games. I've played every PvP scenario in both games. I've crafted. I've joined a guild, explored, completed dungeons, collected gear, completed achievements.

I think Guild Wars 2 is a better game. I have more fun playing Guild Wars 2. They will end up having THE SAME SCORE (even though MoP is currently lower with less reviews).

Haters gonna hate, but the proof is on the table.



You actually quoted game reviewers as proof of how good a game is?


I think I've found the dumbest post of the year then.
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Shatter123 posted...
yah like reviews mean anything, they are just some guys opinion..

I had more fun on wow in the last 2 weeks than I did for the first 3 weeks on gw2, the best thing for me about wow is how much content there is to look forward to. whats to look forward to on this? nothing..

are you sure the content is not same >_>?
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No one is ever going to take GW2 seriously if this is the vocal majority of the community

Stay classy
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Firedraconian posted...
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
TC trying to save the image of a dying game.

I hate to agree with Xeeh, but he's right. The population has been sharply decreasing, user interest is lower than ever... it's just time to let WoW go.

Good one!
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How can anyone not use xfire for this? I mean seriously?

Sep 25 = 36490 hrs
Oct 2 = 28746 hrs
Difference = 7744 hrs
% Diff = 21.22%

Sep 25 = 66364 hrs
Oct 2 = 52071 hrs
Difference = 13663 hrs
% Diff = 20.58%

Look at the numbers. GW2 is failing just as much as MoP. GW2 is clearly the better failure with a lead of 0.7%.

But no! MoP needed just 1 week to get to where GW2 is, so it is clearly the more efficient failure.

Blizz strives for excellence in everything they do. Even failing.
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I haven't even played WoW, ever, yet I think its safe to say: Apple and Orange.

The two games don't even appeal to the same demographic. They obviously have an intersecting segment since WoW has been so popular... but they're almost opposite in term of mechanics.

So not sure why anyone would want to compare them.
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Awesome! Yet another thread about wow and gw2!

You sure are clever and witty TC..

Congrats on being a stereotypical internet dueche. U mad bro?? Seriously? I really can't wait till you Internet kiddies realize how dumb you sound with your leetspeak...

Like a bunch of idiotic sheep trying to sound clever.. It's getting soooo old.

Sounds like the OP offended you. You sound really upset, maybe you should take a break from the computer?
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From: digitalwill2000 | #003
Lol @ review scores.

Tell that to the people still playing monster hunter.

Fanbois gonna fanboi- and have no lives and contribute nothong to society and die.

What is wrong with Monster Hunter? Don't like difficult games?
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digitalwill2000 posted...
Lol @ review scores.

Tell that to the people still playing monster hunter.

Fanbois gonna fanboi- and have no lives and contribute nothong to society and die.

that applies to 90% of the world population not only fatbois just sayajin