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4 years ago#1
Just reached level 56 Thief and I'm currently in the Iron Marches trying to find a good spot where Dynamic Events occur often. An example of this is in the level 30-40 area i would go to the Centaur place near the Junction Camp Waypoint and there would be an event that occurred often and it would be 3 events which all lead to each other. I quickly gained loot, money and exp. I even out leveled some of my friends just by staying near that area.

So is there anyplace that lists down all the dynamic events? I've traveled around Iron Marches for a few hours. Did some cool events like the Shatterer Dragon or killing an army but they were only 1 event and it took quite some time before it started up again.
4 years ago#2
Those fast DE spots are usually around the highest area of the zone. That's where they put all the zone invasion zerg events to culminate what you've been doing in the zone. If you're in a 50-60 area, then look around the 58-60 hearts.

For Iron Marches, that area near the zone to the 60-70 map. There's a chain of events starting with defending the town there. The next event is protecting mortars. This is where you want to start, its just waves of flame legion coming from 2 sides, typical of farm events. After you do this event, you move into an closed area. My memory is a little hazy but you want to either fail this event, or the one after. When you fail, the mortar event immediately starts again.
4 years ago#3
And the Shatterer isn't in Iron Marches. Are you sure you're talking about the right zone?
4 years ago#4
Oops. Didn't mean i fought Shatterer in Iron Marches i was travelling along while i noticed the event.
4 years ago#5
Sparkfly Fen has a ton of events, including a dragon, and is lv55-65.
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