Leveling (please help)

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gamertylers posted...
The fastest way to level is through crafting. It's also the most expensive way to level. Each craft will give you a guaranteed 10 levels for maxing it out.

Maybe I am just a "money over everything" kind-of-guy, but I have always thought crafting was the worst way to level. If you are going to max a craft or two then go ahead, but if you you are going to max a craft AND go 100% then it doesn't really matter how you do it.

Gold sinks to level is a bad way to go. Lose money (if you even have enough (i.e. first character.)) And soooo boring.
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Complete DEs & explore the map inside out. Once done, run to another map and do the same thing.

I've been running around in this manner since level 1 and I haven't find the need to grind once (i'm lvl 47, currently)
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thank you, this has helped soo much!
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