What's your opinion of spawn rates?

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User Info: Takenover83

4 years ago#1
To fast IMO. I can clear out a little area, and before I am done the enemies are already starting to re-spawn. Sure, good for farming but not for those actually trying to navigate a area. What's your take?

User Info: zach12_2

4 years ago#2
Depends on the area. They can be too fast sometimes, but most of the time they're fine.
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User Info: Seth Bloodmoon

Seth Bloodmoon
4 years ago#3
Most of the respawn rates I come across are fine. Still, I hit the occasional spot where the thing I killed instantly respawns, which has been horribly detrimental to my character's health.
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User Info: zhang ren

zhang ren
4 years ago#4
Orr's respawns are way too fast.
Most of the other zones are alright, but I did run into a couple of DE's where I was soloing 9 mobs around a small area and they would respawn before I got around to killing them all so I just had to give up on the DE.
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  3. What's your opinion of spawn rates?

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