GW2 seriously needs to implement a decent aggro system in PvE.

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I think you are doing it wrong. I have no problems holding mobs on me with my warrior using hammer, my friend with dual axes has no problem, another guardian friend with GS also no problem hodling aggro. From my experience, mobs seem to stick to heavy armored classes, sometimes they spent great deal of time to chase me when I kite.

From ym experience, mobs will attack people attacking them in melee.
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I like random aggro except if you playing with bad people>
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From: george43 | #015
The aggro system has more in common with GW1 than any other MMO.

Except it has very, very little in common with GW1 at all. GW1's enemies had a strong tendency to go after whichever target was easiest to kill, and didn't seem particularly interested in who could res. GW2's enemies very frequently go after the hardest targets to kill (with some exceptions; different enemies definitely have different AI, though this is true in both games) or after the ressers. About the only thing they have in common is that they both weigh distance to target.
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The only aspect of the enmity system that even remotely makes sense is the revive thing. Everything else is just unpolished and dumb. I don't care how you rationalize it, a player should not instantly grab hate after shooting a half dead mob once just because they are far away.
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Yeah, I have no problem with enemies going after someone who's resurrecting someone else. That makes sense, at least.
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Do you think LOS plays any role in the aggro system at all?

Would a melee class benefit from literally getting up in the mobs/boss's face and the casters be off to the side/behind?

Maybe different types of enemies have different aggro systems. Animals might have a simple aggro system, humanoids have more clever aggro systems, and genius level bosses are meant to be tough?

Just kind of wondering.
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I've thrown a single fireball at an enemy and hidden behind stuff, and that enemy will run all the way over to get in my LoS just to attack me, ignoring the melee player beating it up...
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"I have kited a boss around from 80% to 0% while doing no damage, just running in circles."

All your theories have just been destroyed by the above.
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they would need to fix that and at least 3 other huge problems for this game to have a chance of coming back from the dead.
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KirynTheCleric posted...
george43 posted...
The aggro system has more in common with GW1 than any other MMO.

It's random with weighted factors.

It's still not as good as GW1's system was though. GW1... I don't know what it was but it just seemed perfectly manageable. GW2's system could stand for a bit of improvement.

Characters being a lot less squishy and much less mobile in the first game might have something to do it.
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