Can you solo a Champion?

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User Info: King_Namek

4 years ago#1
I've come across some guarding Splendid Chests, out in the middle of nowhere. Is there anyone strong enough to solo one? Which ones are weakest.

User Info: Carbonights

4 years ago#2
Depends on the Champion.

Some are significantly weaker than others. No matter what it will take ages, though.

User Info: runboy81

4 years ago#3
I can solo Champions (with a few exceptions, due to annoying skills) up to level 40-50 zones thanks to my two tanky pets.
Most of the time the splendid chest rewards are crap anyways and not worth the effort.

User Info: Mechangmenow

4 years ago#4
Yes and no.

You can solo low level champions at lvl 80 scaled down. BUT you still need to be able to heal/dodge/block damage since they'll whack you for 1/5 of your health per hit.

It's more or less impossible to take on a lvl 80 champion unless you can kite them for 20 minutes. And at that point, why would you want to?
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User Info: NCPwn

4 years ago#5
I did with my condition build Engineer at level 22.
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User Info: runboy81

4 years ago#6
Actually, I forgot that I've soloed a level 80 champ. But he was very easy compared to the others and very kite friendly. The Golem at Malchor's leap. Right near the entrance.

User Info: Sputnik1337

4 years ago#7
Champions are no problem to kite around. Now, a champion surrounded by mobs on (short) respawn timers? Thats where it gets difficult.

User Info: Taijouroukun

4 years ago#8
some champion are really easy (slow and infrequent attacks that is easy to dodge with no mob). they just have a crap load of health.

i attempted to solo 2 champions before (because no one was around and i wanted to try). first one, i accidentally pull it too far and it runs back to it original spot and regen all its health after i got it down to halfway (and it takes a long time). so i got frustrated and just go in, open the chest, and get out, ignoring it completely.

the 2nd time the champion took over a village/outpost in an event. i got it down to 3/4 health. it used fear on me, it ran the other way, and regen health. i go at it again. got it down to 1/2 health. used fear on me and it ran the other way, regened full health again. then other people came.

i ****ing hate how easy it is for them to regen to full health.

so while i never successfully solo a champion, i can if i really wanted to (the easy ones anyway).

User Info: DiamondBlade82

4 years ago#9
There is a video on the main forums of a Eley Soloing Cadacus Manor. Took him like 3+ hours.

User Info: Earthshaker

4 years ago#10
I soloed the champion corrupted quaggan in Frostgorge Sound just last night (or whatever the area with Honor of the Waves is, the area north of the Wayfarer Foothills.)

I got some money and karma from it, not much else.
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