Corrupt a Wish: Guild Wars 2 Edition

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3 years ago#21
Jtrunks posted...
"I wish we had 10 more points into hero skill points."

Granted, but now you have to start a new character to take advantage of that....

I wish we had new classes added. :o

Granted. Orrian undead who have broken free of their enslavement have joined forces with the rest of Tyria, and with them, new classes.

However, all the classes are just reskins of existing ones, with slightly more gloomy effects.

I wish the gem exchange would stop rising. 100 gems for two gold makes me sad.

EDIT: Forgot my wish *shifty eyes*
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3 years ago#22
Granted; the rates are now frozen as is - but now everything in the Gem Store increases its price by 10% every month.

I wish Kilroy Stonekin was still around, not as a Stone Dwarf, but as a grizzled old veteran.
"As the good archmage often admonishes me, I ought not to let my mind wander, as it's too small to go off by itself." -Danilo Thann
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