GW2 back up to Number 5 means big sales boost!!!!

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4 years ago#31
I never made mention of any specifics of the threads you first posted your whine on..Glad to see you're still not over being so thoroughly humiliated back then.. It was ages ago buddy.. You gotta let things go. Going to give yourself a stroke, girl.

And by the way thanks for further vouching for me. Good job.. Telling everyone what I said was completely true of you. Now that is some egg on face. Keep imitating me, you'll get it one day, thumbs up.

EDIT: Man.. I thought I'd leave you with some hope that you'd actually be able to be me one day, but then I thought it too cruel. For one you allow things to affect you months after they have been had and even more mind blowing randoms online.. Obviously you can never be like me, sorry to break your heart. But its better than false hope, right?
4 years ago#32
tehdud posted...
funny because dungeons was the major cheap thing i made a topic about. the other being risen littered everywhere ruining exploration. which somehow to the fanboys means lrn2play. do you know what you are talking about? or do you care to show me otherwise? but lets not forget your little creed. dam better wipe some of that egg off before you stack more on.

I agree with you regarding the Risen..but man just let it go..and the egg thing....quit being so butthurt and go do something you enjoy. You will give yourself angina or something
4 years ago#33
What happened was he made a couple of threads crying about how he has no ability to do anything in game
the only topic i made thats even close to that claim is the dungeon topic. egg.

i can see you have yet to address your reading and understanding problems

i can see you are still holding grudges from all those times you got made a fool of. but like i said before, it was mostly you making a fool of yourself. such as you are doing yet again.
CAPCOM = Conning All Players Cash Over Morals
4 years ago#34
lol, you only made one whine thread? Really? And that still doesn't mention any specifics. The fact that you had to specify what you cried about blatantly speaks volumes of how much you're still hurt.

And did you just seriously just repeat what I have just said about you to me? Am I not the one that has just said you're still crying over things that happened months ago? For weren't you the one who made specifics about it be known now?

lol, your failures and backpedals always bring a smile to my face. It must be a sin to abuse you so, crikey.
4 years ago#35
you have serious reading issues you know. does topics about game bugs or anets incompetence at events qualify as "threads crying about how he has no ability to do anything in game"

the only topic i made thats even close to that claim is the dungeon topic. egg.

dam man even my keyboard understands by this point.

whats to hide eh? im asking you to back up your claim because i know you cant lmao.
CAPCOM = Conning All Players Cash Over Morals
4 years ago#36
Tehdud, I enjoy GW2, but have a lot of improvements I'd like to see. And except for my close friend, everyone I met in game or in guild has vanished, which only furthers my chances of just bailing. I'm holding out for some more Ranger tweaks (bored of my Thief and Warrior, I wanted a Ranger since Beta) and maybe some more WvW tweaks to keep things fresh. Anyway, if you want to vent and criticize objectively, you can always hit me up in PM. I'm always down for discussion.
I don't take the orders from the war room anymore
This is one recruit who surrenders
4 years ago#37
No, you've made plenty of learn to play would solve your issues threads, but that is besides the point.

Point being that you even recall the point where you got so humiliated months after its been had as I said above still speaks volumes on you.

You can keep backpedaling all you wish, but you have already vouched for me and someone else from that time that I correctly pinpointed when you began cry on a daily basis.. Your need to deflect the conversation to Anets ability to make dungeons or not is of no point. You merely pushed yourself into a corner proving my assessment of you correctly by doing so.

Again, good job and thanks for proving me right.
4 years ago#38
If 100 trolls posts 5 replies each day, it will make GW2 top the board list. Doesn't mean that the game is doing well.
4 years ago#39
learn to provide proof of your claims. see how credible you are? you proved your making stuff up through your own failures.

such as this part where you got caught lying about a dungeon path:

here is you failing at reading comprehension. post #85 i think is a highlight:

here is you insisting on showing everyone your lack of reading skills even more despite the anet dev editing and FURTHER clarifying their post:

@alkaline, sure thing. lets wait for next patch.
CAPCOM = Conning All Players Cash Over Morals
4 years ago#40
My god.. Do you think I'm your daddy now?

Lol, I have to admit I'm flattered.

And by your notes regarding each thread I can imagine which you speak on and none of what you said came to be. To be even as desperate to call me out as a liar on a particular dungeon thread which you didn't even do on that thread because you knew it would be dumb and yet here you are doing so now out of desperation, so cute.

But I'll address that one since I'm not one to be spoken on as a liar and not speak anything. I did run CoE that day and I did get my tokens and no, I didn't notice anything different with the claymore guy. If you had such a belief why were you so afraid to call me out as a liar then?

Love your tears, tasty and please do stalk me some more and proving once again that my assessment of you was spot on. So emotional.

EDIT: Just read that dungeon thread again. I forgot that it ended with me once again showing you how to play the game. "The unavoidable" but easily dealt with attack you cried so much on. I hope you took my ProTip to heart and stopped crying about the dungeon being too hard.
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